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Crisis Core FFVII Reunion – How to get the Genji Collection

Crisis Core FFVII Reunion – How to get the Genji Collection

Genji’s armor pieces are some of the most powerful pieces in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Here we will explain what you need to do to get it.

If you want to get The strongest team From Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII – Reunionyou will have to Get Genji Collection. As in the other installments, Genji’s armor pieces are among the most powerful on display Very useful effects. here on top of that You will get a trophy if you get all the coins.

These are all the pieces in the Genji collection and what you need to do to get them:

Genji Helm

  • MP or AP is not consumed.
  • Additional influence – Libra.

to get Genji HelmYou should buy it in Secret shop. This shop has been opened by completing M9-5-4: Extraordinary power. cost 1,000,000 generations. Don’t worry, you will get much more money than you need by completing tasks and selling items you don’t need.

Genji gloves

Sets damage cap to 99,999 and kills on all hits.

the Genji gloves are achieved in the chest From M9-6-4: Threats of vital activity.

Genji shield

  • Set VIT Limit to 99999.
  • Added effect – strength and vitality.

To get him shield You need to own All the Characters And the Pray for affiliate OMD And they have 100%. Summons are enough to use once, but characters require many iterations. You could Increase the chance of a character’s spawn by equipping associated items (See section Shops Find out where you can buy Octa Slash, Onslaught, Air Strike, etc.)

Genji shield

  • Keeps the barrier and magic barrier active.
  • Absorb all elements.
  • Protects against disease conditions.

Here she comes complex. before everything else, You need the following:

  • Get the Bold Strike item.
  • be able to Deals 99,999 damage in a single attack (Enough with Bold Strike again).
  • coin slinger material.
  • subject Fortuna and Octacut at MASTER level.

When you have all this, let’s go to Shield of Genji.

  • Launch the mission 7-6-6: Recruitment mission VI
  • In this task a Magic pot asks us to use the above materials. Do not forget appear randomly At any point of enemies.
  • Don’t equip Octactorte, prepare Fortuna Initially. The idea is that in your In the first match, wait to send Fortuna so that you Pass limit to upper.
  • when you do that, Remove Fortuna and equip Octacorte.
  • Now you should turn around Eliminate enemies without using the limit until the jar appears.
  • The idea is to start fighting With Octacut equipped and Ultimate Limitto make it easier for Sefirot to appear in the OMD and thus obtain Octacorte when Jar demands it.
  • wait Five requests for each job. That is, to ask you 8 times for each thing before using it, extending the time you have to use each one before it runs away, thus making getting Octacut more accessible.
  • You have to Use the correct action when he throws the eighth letterIf you wait for nine, run.