August 19, 2022

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Cristiano Ronaldo's son's reaction when he met Messi: 'He's too short': Cristiano Ronaldo's son's reaction when he met Messi: 'He's too short'

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son’s reaction when he met Messi: ‘He’s too short’: Cristiano Ronaldo’s son’s reaction when he met Messi: ‘He’s too short’

Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi has played a starring role in the rivalry during all these years Much healthier than it may seem at first. Symptoms of their good relationship emerged during one of the Ballon d’Or awards in which they met with their families. On this occasion, it was the Portuguese moment that caused one of those moments worth remembering, which Dolores Aveiro wanted to salvage in the official podcast of Sporting de Portugal, the team from which the Portuguese legend emerged.

Messi’s tribute to Cristiano Jr went viral in 2015

The moment spread when Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. met Leo Messi personally, and the eldest son of Cristiano Ronaldo became a huge fan of the Argentine. In 2015, he had the honor of seeing him live, and the then FC Barcelona player did not hesitate to approach him to welcome him. “He always watches our video online and talks to me about you, “Cristiano confessed to Messi while embracing her son.

At the ceremony at which This Reaction (2014), which Dolores Aveiro spoke about, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Franck Ribery agreed to be the three finalists for the Ballon d’Or. Cristiano Junior testified that accompanied by his grandmother, that he remembered that moment in the last hours: “I was with him and I said to him: Look, there is Messi.” CR7’s eldest son’s response can’t be missed: Dolores Avere admits: “That’s not Messi. He’s too short.” It has stopped. It was fun.”s.

The Portuguese’s mother, in addition to recalling this hilarious moment, was full of praise for the Argentine: “He is a good person. Very good person. It was funny when Cristiano Ronaldo Jr said: Is this Messi? It’s too short! “My grandson is already taller than him. The following year, the little boy was able to shake hands with him at the next party. In fact, when CR7’s eldest son opened his social media accounts, one of his first posts was specifically dedicated to Messi.

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In this interview on the official Sporting de Portugal podcast, Dolores Aveiro also realized that she had already told her son that her wish before death was to see him play for the team she left, a phrase very similar to the one he uttered before joining Real Madrid. We will see if the Portuguese will end up fulfilling his mother’s wish after his second spell with Manchester United.