May 20, 2024

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Curves Magazine: Discovering New Zealand in the Porsche 911 T

Curves Magazine: Discovering New Zealand in the Porsche 911 T

Stephen Bogner travels to Southern Oceania to chart a route through some of the planet's most spectacular roads. Accompanying him on the journey is one of the most authentic models in the 911 range.

New Zealand is located on the other side of the world, specifically 18,000 kilometers from Porsche's headquarters in Stuttgart-Zufenhausen. But distance was no problem for Stephen Bogner and his team, who decided to embark on a grand adventure to capture the beauty of the country's best roads on film.

A parallel universe, unique flora and fauna

The voyagers expected to discover a new world, but they were surprised: “Over and over again, landscapes remind us of the European Alps, Scandinavia or Scotland, the south of France or the northwest of Liguria in Italy,” says Bogner. He admits to being impressed. Conjuring up familiar sights of Aotearoa (“Land of the Long White Cloud”, as it's known in Māori) doesn't mean it's a boring experience. On the contrary: “It was a great experience in wonderful places,” he says.

The New Zealand islands have been protected from evolution on other continents for the past 85 million years, resulting in a variety of unique flora and fauna. The country is a parallel universe like other parts of the world with similar backgrounds like Australia and Madagascar. “Plants unique to New Zealand mix with the familiar image of grasses, flowers, trees and shrubs to create a completely unusual colour,” says Bogner.

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The tour focuses on the sparsely populated South Island

Today's culture is largely Anglo-Saxon. Cities, names and even cuisines remind us of this country's past as part of the British Empire. However, earlier French and Asian influences are also present and part of the typical scene. “In New Zealand, the pace of an ever-faster world feels different,” notes the director of Curves magazine.

On their trip around New Zealand, the group focused only on the much less populated South Island. “More than 80 percent of New Zealanders live in big cities in the tiny North Island, but New Zealand's most epic roads are in the South Island,” Bogner explains.

Porsche provided the ideal car for the New Zealand trip: a 911 T, which brilliantly tackled the “Land of the Long White Cloud” and the long stretches of rolling hills and coastline. The 911 D is the perfect companion for road trips. “It's not an exaggerated car that steals attention from the beauty of the landscape, but a bold companion that makes the journey more intense, powerful and authentic in every sense.”


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