July 1, 2022

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Dana Paula resolves rumors about alleged abuse by her boyfriend

Dana Paula resolves rumors about alleged abuse by her boyfriend

Dana Paula He is having a good time, both professionally with his songs and his latest album, which was released last January, and also on an emotional level, as he maintains a relationship with the singer. Alex Hoyer.

the couple Caught by the paparazzi While enjoying a romantic vacation in IbizaAnd Where there was no shortage of knowledge of looks, kisses, and constant displays of affection. A new relationship was in the eye of the hurricane, a while ago, a rumor allegedly surfaced by a “popular” magazine that claimed that her son abused her. The news left many people speechless, as no one believed what they were saying.

Given this information, Dana He did not want to remain silent and he made it clear by tweeting: “What worries me is that popular media like this magazine continue to underestimate the courage and strength of women in copying it… I never let myself be mistreated, neither by a friend nor by anyone“She has informed all of her followers who did not hesitate even for a moment to support her.”Let us avoid continuing to spread virility by buying these kinds of magazines and, noting bad taste, underestimate my intelligence and my strength as a woman, In addition to many women posted on this medium‘, settled on his Twitter profile.

It is an issue that has affected him a lot since then A while ago, the actress told how bad it was to go through one of her relationships where love, as she herself claimed, was hidden from hate and blows.. A confession he wanted to make, but without revealing the name of his ex-partner, although according to various media, everything indicates that he refers to his ex-boyfriend, Eleazar Gomez, with whom he had a secret relationship, as he was still a minor.

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