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Daniel Bisogno: His daughter Michaela spent her birthday with Ventanindo's driver in the hospital

Daniel Bisogno: His daughter Michaela spent her birthday with Ventanindo's driver in the hospital

Bisogno was recently extubated and can now breathe on his own (Instagram: @bisognodaniel)

Since last February 8 Danielle Bisogno He was hospitalized with a lung infection that kept him in critical condition, intubated and in an artificial coma. Although currently a driver Windows His daughter feels better and is recovering Michaela I couldn't see him, at least until Monday, February 26th.

The little girl, the only daughter of the 50-year-old driver, is celebrating her eighth birthday, so she was able to celebrate it with her “wonderful father,” as the girl calls the program’s presenter. Azteca TV.

Daniel Bisogno has announced on various occasions that his daughter is as well "The love of his life" (Photo: IG/bisognodaniel)
Daniel Bisognodaniel has declared on various occasions that his daughter is the “love of his life” (Photo: IG/bisognodaniel)

This meeting represents great happiness for both of them, and although the details of the meeting are not known, it was on the official account of Windows It was announced that Michaela was able to visit Daniel on his eighteenth day in the hospital.

The little girl is the result of the relationship between Daniele Bisogno and Cristina Riva Palacio, who were together as a couple from 2014 to 2019, and for several years has affected the public. Windows With his appearance in the program directed by Paty Chapuis.

The window driver still does not know that his mother, Araceli Bisogno, is dead

As part of her birthday, some of Danielle's followers extended their congratulations to the little girl, who, on the other hand, also made her debut on stage with a special appearance in the play. vaseline.

At her young age, the little girl has shown that she is not afraid of the cameras, because in her visits to the show's forum she shows her tenderness, however, it is still too early to know if Michaela will actually follow in her step dad in the middle of the show.

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Without a doubt, this Christmas will be very different for the girl, since her family is currently going through a difficult time, because in addition to Daniel being hospitalized, unfortunately Mrs. Hans. Maria AraceliThe driver's mother and Michaela's grandmother, He died today, Saturday, February 24most likely as a result of health complications as a result of the repercussions of the Corona virus.

Araceli Bisogno, the mother of a TV presenter, has died
Araceli Bisogno, mother of the presenter of the program “Ventaneando”, died on Saturday night, February 24. Credit: @raulgtzoficial, YouTube

It is known that family members and those close to the girl kept monitoring her to ensure that these problems did not affect her beyond what was inevitable.

After Daniel and Christina divorced, Michaela was left at the shelter of her mother, with whom she currently lives. It is worth noting that Cristina Riva Palacio was seen a few days ago in the hospital where Daniel Bisogno continues his recovery.

As for the little girl, she is studying primary education, in addition to enjoying other activities such as swimming, dancing, and gymnastics, as Christina shared on her Instagram account.

Michaela Bisognodanel has already visited her father in the hospital (Photo: IG/bisognodaniel)
Michaela Bisognodanel has already visited her father in the hospital (Photo: IG/bisognodaniel)

Aside from the Michaela moments that her parents have shared on social media, the little girl has a low profile to avoid the constant exposure to media attention that she generates from being the daughter of a controversial celebrity, as is the case with Danielle Bisogno.

On various occasions, Daniel has stated that Michaela is the most important thing and “the love of his life”, which is why after the health crisis he experienced in May 2023, when he developed a liver disease, he admitted to Patty Chapuis that he was very worried about the possibility of never seeing his daughter again. Which caused him a lot of pain.

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