June 16, 2024

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Daniel Sancho’s last request to the Thai police before entering prison

Daniel Sancho’s last request to the Thai police before entering prison

Every day more information emerges about a case Daniel Sancho. The young man is accused of killing and dismembering the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. A case that has already been a month since its announcement and in which the Spanish chef could be sentenced to death.

Now is the time when pictures emerge Reconstructing the crimewhere Daniel can be seen recreating with the Thai agents everything that happened at the time of the murder, and where the young man also explains step by step everything that happened after the death of Edwin Arrieta.

But, in addition, since “Y ahora Sonsoles”, they have delved into these videos, where you can see Daniel is worried about his belongingsThis is because among his things was a hat Which was owned by his charismatic actor grandfather Sancho Grace.

His grandfather’s hat, very precious to him

Something that, despite what it may seem, is of great value to Daniel Sancho, who wants to keep it at all costs, prompting him to submit a request to the Thai police before entering Koh Samui prison. : “Can you take care of the hat? Because it belonged to my grandfather and I don’t want to lose it“.

A hat that was in the hotel room where Sancho was staying, whose exact location and condition are not known. However, Your request has already been registered Now researchers can take action.

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