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Denise Guerrero de Bellanova sang again to say goodbye to her father

Denise Guerrero de Bellanova sang again to say goodbye to her father

Denis Guerrero sang again to dedicate a song to her father (Instagram/@denisseguerreroofficial)

Dennis Guerrero He sang again to his followers InstagramBut this time it was not a topic for those who interpreted it BellanovaBut farewell to his father, who was to pass away recently.

Attached are some photos of Guerrero with his father, in a short video, which the singer interpreted acapella Lucy By Juan Manuel Serrat To bid farewell to his father who has died, as indicated in the description of his publication.

“There are things in life that change you, shape you, and make you grow. Sometimes Losses drive you To find a reason why it’s worth going on Thank you dad for your taste in music and literature I’ll never forget those long road trips,” he reads at the beginning of his post.

Singer Bellanova shared a video in which she was seen singing five years after her temporary retirement

Lucy She explained that it had a special meaning for Denise, because it was a song she listened to with her father during her travels, which is why she recorded herself singing it.

“today Send this song to heavenMay the wind be the impulse that carries it to your ears.”

This is the first time in more than five years that Denise has allowed her fans to hear her performance of a song again, but she was limited to the comments on her post, so that she could not read the reactions of her followers.

At the end of his post, he mentioned that he had orthodontics (Instagram/@denisseguerreroofficial).

A few weeks ago a translator pastel pink She opened her account on Instagram to thank her fans who had waited for her for many years, which hinted that she might return soon. Bellanova.

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during the past five years, Dennis Guerrero He was completely out of the public eye after his breakup Bellanova. This gave rise to various rumors about her private life, such as the one she claimed to be the daughter of María Elena Velasco.

Now that’s in Tik Tok It has become a trend to use pastel pink De Bellanova For users to show a frustrating change in their lives, photos of the Sinaloa woman began circulating at a meeting.

These were Denise’s first photos after she spent five years out of the limelight (Capture: TikTok)

Within hours of those photos going viral and hundreds of fans calling for her back, Denise opened her Twitter account. Instagram It posted a picture with the following message:

Another year to say that life is still worth it. Existence makes sense, and our job is to find it. Thank you all for waiting, the best is yet to come

Although she does not follow anyone, she has added 80,000 followers to date. In his account currently he has only three posts.

Bellanova discontinued its activities in 2018, with each member taking a different course (Quartoscuro)

In 2018, Bellanova disappeared from the stage and not much has been heard from Denise since then, and the only person who provided information about the band and its singer was Edgar GroveWhich revealed that the singer was living in Sinaloa with her parents, as she was determined to spend more time with them.

“Now in Sinaloa, she decided to spend some time with her family, after 18 years of continuous work. When we weren’t on tour, we were recording a promotional album, it’s been 18 years so intense it was necessary to take a break. She told us.” He wanted to spend time with his parents”, the musician said in an interview with Javier Poza in 2021.

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At that time, Edgar mentioned that the three members Bellanova They wanted to take a three-month break to rest, but it just happened to take years and the group would probably come back, but they didn’t know when.