May 16, 2022

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Derin is shocked after revealing the secret of her fake pregnancy!

Derin is shocked after revealing the secret of her fake pregnancy!

to Derin The match did not go well for him. during birthday AliI tried to make a joke AsiaInviting her father’s lover to the party, but her plan did not go as she expected.

AsiaTired of humiliation Darren and all his attacks He revealed to everyone that the young woman was not pregnant: You faked your pregnancy to prevent Vulcan from divorcing you. .

Although at first, Derin He tries to deny it, and I’m left speechless and completely overwhelmed by what Asia He confessed in front of everyone.

for this part, volcano I asked Asia how long she’d known Derin had a miscarriage and why she didn’t tell her when she found out.

“Yes DerinI would not have tried to humiliate myself, I would not have interfered in this matter,” she justified herself without wishing to speak further on the subject.

Then they bring the cake so that Ali Blow out candles whileDerin dragged by her mother, leaves the party contemplating this all-too-familiar image.

In addition to all this, we will travel to the past to discover itHow did it all start between Vulcan and DerinWe will seehow the warBetween Asia and Dren is not over yet.

Tonight, a new chapter ofUnfaithful‘, 10 p.m., at Antena 3.

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