August 14, 2022

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Diego Repagliotti: "If Paulo Guerrero is more or less, let's play against New Zealand for a while."

Diego Repagliotti: “If Paulo Guerrero is more or less, let’s play against New Zealand for a while.”

The national striker has no club and is recovering in the United States.

Paulo Guerrero The fans cheered Peruvian national team Announcing that his possible return “Peru plays up lame”. However, there is still no clear information about your physical condition and your presence in the friendly match against New Zealand and the playoffs for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In that sense, Diego Repogliatti mentioned the striker He also said he could add minutes against the ‘Kiwis’ even if he was not 100%.

“I think Paulo Guerrero will be back on Monday. Will not come back. Pavlo will be there as the National Team begins to work. Ricardo Carreca, when doctors evaluate him, is what to look for if he decides to get him. There are no limits to the next call, and if Kareka is comfortable working with 40 people, he calls 40, “said a sports commentator in Al Anglo.

“In any case, If it is more or less, it does not hurt to take it. It doesn’t hurt to play against New Zealand for a whileLet’s set aside a few minutes to see how he is, ”he concluded by asking the other members of the show.

Recall that the official invitation to Ricardo Carreca will take place next Friday, May 20, in La Videna. The first game played in Peru Friendship against New Zealand Next Sunday, June 5 from 10:30 am (Peruvian time) at the RCDE del Espanyol in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Then it will come Playoff on June 13 in Doha And there is no definite rival yet, but it will emerge from the fight between Australia and the United Arab Emirates. The match is scheduled to start at 1:00 pm (Peruvian time) at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Ryan.

Once he returns to Peru, the striker will go to Videna to reconsider the situation, the sports journalist said. Video: MovieStar Sports.

“What if I come on June 13th? I kill for my choice. I play for Peru until I like it. I get. It depends on me, it depends on how I am. I have to be honest with myself: what I really want is 100% good and can play without any problems. I do not want to rush anything, I do not want to rush anything. I am with my recovery process. But if I’ve reached 13, if I’m in optimal condition … why not? “, The former international footballer responded in an interview with the official channel of the world’s highest football organization.

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Paolo Guerrero is currently in Phoenix, USA. There he suffered a ligament injury in his right knee and has been recovering from not being able to play for 217 days. After undergoing treatment in a North American country, the former Corinthian footballer will return to Lima to continue treatment in Videna and undergo a new assessment to confirm his physical condition.

The Predators have not played in an official match since the Peruvian team’s 2-0 win over Chile on October 7, 2021, in the framework of the 11th day of the Qatar 2022 qualifying round in Lima. The Peruvian was on the field for 62 minutes and was replaced by Jefferson Furfan. Since then, he has fully dedicated himself to redemption.

Paulo Guerrero from the United States posted on his Instagram.
Paulo Guerrero from the United States posted on his Instagram.

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