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Donna Pita surprises by explaining her relationship with Anna Paola Consorti: “I cannot disagree with her character.”

Donna Pita surprises by explaining her relationship with Anna Paola Consorti: “I cannot disagree with her character.”

petroleum gonzalez, known as Mrs. PetaMother of Peruvian football player paolo guerrero, He talked about his relationship with his son’s partner, Anna Paula ConsortiAfter rumors of a dispute between them.

Interviewed by Donna Pita “America Today” And admit it Anna Paula Consorti His character is complicated but he still respects her because she is the mother of his grandchildren. The journalist from GV Producciones asked him if he wanted Ana Paula, and the mother of the chosen player was surprised by her response by expressing his feelings for her.

“I have to appreciate her because she has my grandchildren, and she is my daughter-in-law,” he stressed.

On the other hand, with regard to the reaction it Anna Paula Consorti In the face of some of the crises she went through with the football player, Mrs. Pita indicated that the reason was that she had a strong personality.

As is known, every time there were strong disagreements between the Brazilian dancer and the “Predator,” she would take her children and leave the place that bothered her, or delete the photos she had with him on social networking sites.

In view of this, Mrs. Peta He commented that he tried to talk to her, but it was difficult for him to make her give up certain situations because that was her personality.

“It’s his personality, I can’t disagree with his personality. Her personality is like that then. I also like things to be organized, we’re all okay if things aren’t okay,” he explained to America TV.

Donna Pieta explains why Anna Paula Consorti was not very close to her. Panamericana TV: “Everything was leaked.”

In another interview, the mother of the Peruvian national team captain conducted with… “Everything leaked” He commented that his relationship with the mother of his grandchildren is going well, ruling out any quarrel between them.

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He noted: “We are getting to know each other because she just (arrived)… I didn’t know her, I met her when she came, great, we got along well from the beginning.”

But it was inevitable to ask why they were turned away Monumental Stadium In the friendly match that brought together the Peruvian national football team with its Paraguayan counterpart.

Given this, Doña Pita indicated that she was sitting with all her granddaughters and was unable to see her daughter-in-law. Regarding the departure time, he indicated that the Brazilian no longer had room in her truck and that is why she took her family members in another vehicle.

“No, we didn’t separate, I understand. I left in my car because I was with all my granddaughters and we couldn’t get into her car. Then I left with her daughter and her kids. I didn’t even see her because I didn’t know she was on the side, and I didn’t know where she was going to sit… We’re in Very good condition, I know she is in the United States, with my grandchildren and her mother I know everything.”

Ana Paula Consorte and her children were present at the Peru vs. Paraguay match away from Doña Pita. Photos: Instarandula-Things.

On the other hand, regarding the reasons Anna Paula Consorti She stayed in the same hotel where the Peruvian soccer team was gathering, and did not stay at her home in Chorrillos, commenting that she respected the privacy of the Rio model.

“I wanted to be alone, sometimes you want to be alone. Alone is better than being with your mother-in-law, that’s better of course… Everyone seeks their privacy… She was there for two days and from there she went to my house and we are already fighting, where do they get it? “.

He added that if their relationship had not been going well, the woman from Rio would not have gone to her birthday party.

Anna Paula Consorti on Donna Pieta’s birthday. | Instagram