April 19, 2024

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DUIR is ideal for migration from an IBM AS400 system

DUIR is ideal for migration from an IBM AS400 system

When referring to the migration of an IBM AS400 system to an existing system such as DUIR, it is not just a change in the platform, but rather a profound transformation of the business system of any company.

The IBM AS400 has been a reliable and profitable system for a long time. However, Its evolution, based on specific adaptations, produces enduring growth one step beyond every need.

Standard Management Program DUIR perfect for IBM AS400 Relay. Manufactured by CRUM Integral Assistance, the system is dedicated to developing management software to improve performance and increase profits for any business.

To ensure that the strength and experience gained by the user is maintained, DUIR’s integrated and modular management software not only covers current needs in all departments of the company: without giving up its standard design, its biggest advantage is the ability to customize. This aspect of DUIR allows you to port into your standard software all those personalized features of the AS400 system, something not many companies can do.

In these cases, it is possible to talk about mutual enrichment: the standard DUIR program grows with the new personal contributions of each user., while each user has the features they previously had, but now within a modular, current and dynamic system. Likewise, the professional team at CRUM Integral Assistance specializes in planning, consulting, and auditing clients’ digital transformation processes.

The results of the migration to the DUIR system are a guarantee

Tuberplas’ positive experience is an example of DUIR’s quality of service. This company has used the IBM AS400 system for over 10 years. However, the new needs of the market forced him to look for a technical partner that would allow him to modernize his system. media.

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Since 2017, business digitization has been responsible for CRUM Integral Assistance, so the complex management mechanism of various Tuberplas repositories is no longer a problem. DUIR has made over 400 pages of custom tweaks so the company doesn’t lose its previous system options, including changes to pricing, inventories, and supplier references..

In the words of Head of Product Development, José Murcia, the project is an example of the scope of the DUIR system in terms of customization and adaptation to customer needs.

Although users of the IBM AS400 feel a normal affinity with this traditional system, the results of the deep transformation provided by the DUIR software are really helpful. Those interested can review product information in more detail through the company’s website.