August 19, 2022

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Dwayne 'la Roca' Johnson debuta como rapero con un tema grabado en colaboración con Tech N9ne (VIDEO)

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson debuts as a rapper with a song recorded in collaboration with Tech N9ne (Video)


October 9, 2021 01:13 GMT

The former wrestler’s “Face Off,” the new single from Tech N9ne’s latest album, ASIN9NE, was released on Friday.

Throughout his career, Dwayne Johnson has been involved in various professional fields, ranging from wrestling to show business, as well as film and television acting. Now, The Rock has decided to get into the music industry and has recorded a song in collaboration with rappers Tech N9ne, Joey Cool and King Iso.

Via Twitter, The Rock shared a clip showing his participation in Face Off, the new single from Tech N9ne’s latest album titled ASIN9NE, which was released on Friday. “Big shout out to all hip-hop and music fans for their reactions,” the actor wrote in the post’s description.

as guess The rapper in an interview with Variety, from the beginning wanted a wrestler to contribute to the topic, because his desire for the song to become a kind of anthem heard at sporting events and in gyms. “It’s an energy song. It’s going to get people to lift weights, fight and play. […] And who is better than him? No Conor McGregor, I don’t know him. I know the rock.”

The verse written and executed by Johnson, who claims to have recorded it in a single take, very It’s part of the advertising campaign for their new clothing collection, called Outlaw Mana, which was designed in collaboration with US company Under Armor.

The entry of the former wrestler into the world of music was well received by Internet users, who, through social networks, recognized his talent as a rapper, actor and athlete. One fan tweeted, “What can’t Dwayne Johnson do?” “It’s not fair, you’re not allowed to be nice about everything!” hung Another one of them.

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