July 1, 2022

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Eduardo Capetillo has revolutionized Instagram with these last five posts.  Check them out here!

Eduardo Capetillo has revolutionized Instagram with these last five posts. Check them out here!

Eduardo Capitello (@capetillo_eduardo) In the last hours he released a series of posts on his popular Instagram account that once again show his popularity on the internet. The five posts of stories and photos reached more than 117.981 of interactions among his most loyal followers.

The most relevant posts are:

27 years of great love, congratulations my queen, thank you for all your love, I adore you

Here we celebrate your first year and now 22 you are the most beautiful Alita you will always be my baby!!!!!!

Father’s Day and birthday party 🥳 felicidades hermosos

Enjoy 😎 #enjoylife #behappy #goodvibes #family #familia #dance #sing

Coming soon on Baby Gaitan YouTube channel

Eduardo Capitillo Vazquez (Mexico City, April 13, 1970). His father was a bullfighter, Manuel Capitello. It belongs to the Capetillo family, which has a long tradition as bullfightingHis siblings are Manuel Capitello de Flores and Guillermo Capitello, who is the cousin of actor Raimundo Capitello.

He is married to actress and singer Bebe Gaetan, his former partner from Timbiriche, He has five children. His career started when he won the festival let’s play singHe took second place with the song “My group play Rock”, which was later released by Orfeón Records.

In November 1985, Eduardo Capitello Join the Timbiriche group, serving as Benny Ibarra. In July 1989, Capetillo left the group and He started his solo career He was replaced by Claudio Bermudez. In 1991, he released his first album give me one night. In 1993, his second album was released I’m here Then came his third record production, foreign skin in 1995.

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Participate in the theatrical version in Spanish fatAnd vaseline In 1986, he recorded his first television series, Martin Garatusa. With Mariana Garza he starred To reach a starShe has worked with Pepe Gaitan, Paulina Rubio and Rafael Rojas in dance with Me. He became idolized in the Latin world thanks to nicknames like Marimar, along with thalia, which has been seen in more than 150 countries.