June 23, 2024

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Eight million illegal immigrants will get permanent residence in the United States with this law promoted by the Democrats

Eight million illegal immigrants will get permanent residence in the United States with this law promoted by the Democrats

The Democratic Party continues its plans to implement the new registration law, which, according to analysts, will benefit about 8 million illegal immigrants with permanent residence.

In the United States, the Registration Act allows undocumented immigrants to apply for legal permanent residence if they lived there before January 1, 1972. But since last March, a group of Democratic representatives has introduced another bill.

This initiative aims to amend the so-called Registration Act and benefit millions of illegal immigrants in the United States. In addition, the new law aims not only to benefit these illegal immigrants, but also to benefit more segments of the population.

What novelties will this new registration law bring?

The change is basically that those who have been in the country for at least 7 years without a permit also get permanent residence.

It is important that these individuals do not have a criminal record and that they are not admitted. Therefore, they can get a green card and also legalize their immigration status.

It is also estimated that the initiative will benefit some 8 million illegal immigrants. In other words, they can fully integrate into American society.

If the said adjustment is approved, there will also be the possibility of obtaining citizenship for those who benefit from the adjustment of status. This will be five years after obtaining legal permanent residence. Therefore, the law will also open the way for them to obtain citizenship.

The Democratic representatives who introduced the initiative are Zoe Lofgren from California, Norma Torres also from California, and Lou Correa also from that state. The list is completed by Grace Meng and Adriano Espilat from New York; and Jesus “Chewy” Garcia from Illinois. Each of them seeks to achieve a fairer immigration policy in the United States with greater social justice.

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They also believe in the country’s continuing need to help immigrants. A topic that undoubtedly does not currently have the most viewership, but there is hope that it will be approved.

Meanwhile, many people are waiting to fulfill these promises made by President Joe Biden during his campaign.