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“Érase una voz”, the animated series that reveals the secrets of great Colombian personalities such as Gabriel García Márquez and María Isabel Urrutia

“Érase una voz”, the animated series that reveals the secrets of great Colombian personalities such as Gabriel García Márquez and María Isabel Urrutia

Taken from RTVC Press Office

In order to announce the most recent history of our country, through moving pieces, the Public Information System of Colombia took on the task of searching for some original images of the book Eduardo Caballero And Gabriel Gracia MarquezComposer and singer Vallinato Alejo Duranprevious president Julio Cesar Torbay AyalaJournalist and broadcaster Alberto Pedriata PachecoAll of them are already dead, and the athlete Maria Isabel Urrutia They are heroes Once upon a time.

This is as part of a new original series that will be available on the RTVCPlay platform, which is part of the Public Notification System. This production, in a funky animated format, is a compendium of stories that reconstruct the documented facts, through the voices of their protagonists, based on investigation and use of the Signal Memory audio file.

Taken from RTVC Press Office
Taken from RTVC Press Office

Each story has a voice and narrative thread that reveals the intelligence, strength, desires, intentions and feelings of the six characters, in episodes of their lives, alien to those who marked them and which shows their most human side. To know the behaviors and customs of the Colombian people, typical of the middle of the twentieth century.

For the chapters, each of which lasted five minutes, portions of interviews and speeches salvaged from an extensive catalog of signal memory and other media, such as the popular HJCK station, were selected. The result: anecdotal and funny stories like the first lady interview on TV, Gloria Valencia de Castano for the writer Eduardo Caballero Calderon or that Arturo Camacho Ramirez a Gabriel Gracia Marquez.

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The first takes place in 1956 and in it Caballero Calderon talks about his travels to Europe and tells, as an anecdote, that among the few records that existed in Spain about Colombia, there was news that a monk of the Capuchin tribe, presumably, had been eaten by the natives In the Colombian jungle. Gabo happened in 1954 in the program what is your Hoppy to the cultural radio station, where the nobles noted that his great distraction relates to nightmares and the world of dreams.

Although, in these six chapters, the animation does not literally recreate the narratives made in the selected parts, since it is responsible for creating the animated world of these tales, if it can transport users to fantastic worlds that recreate the curious or funny human side for each character.

The series, now available at www.rtvcplay.co Made possible by the teamwork of a group of professionals among animators, animators and sound experts, for four months who are already working on a second season that brings heroes to the Efrain El Ziba Forero Already remembered Jaime Garzon And Fanny Mickey, among other things.

The platform is divided into sections: in feature films and documentaries you will find national and international series, films and short films. Made in Colombia is a stamp dedicated to Colombian cinema, where you can watch free movies like Dog Eat Dog, The Ambassador of India, The Millionaire Taxi Driver, Chocó, La Vendedora de Rosas, La Historia del Baúl Rosado and Rodrigo D: No Future, among others. Many other things.

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In addition, in each film you will find additional content such as interviews with characters, directors or actors who were part of these productions and told some anecdotes or experiences related to the recording.

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