June 23, 2024

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EVO confirms 2022 dates and it's expected to be face-to-face

EVO confirms 2022 dates and it’s expected to be face-to-face

The Evolution Championship Series has been running since 2002

In recent years, the definition of the word “sport” has changed drastically thanks to technology and the inclusion of video games in people’s popular culture. Thus, either by simulating real sports in virtual reality (such as soccer in titles like FIFA or eFootball), or by including games that generate some competition between players, In the last decade a new social and cultural phenomenon known as esports has emerged.

This term splits into two English words: “E,” from electronic, and “sport,” meaning sport. In this sense, there is talk of “esports”, a new practice that every year adds more and more followers.

for example The Evolution Championship Series, known simply as EVO, an esports tournament held every year in Las Vegas, United States, that brings together the best players in the fighting genre. This means that players who are experts in the control (attack and defense) of series games Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros, among other things.

The tournament has been developing unceasingly since 2002 (when it took the name EVO) Until 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of that year’s editionThat’s the biggest news since 2004, when arcade machines were set aside to make room for the console versions (Play Station and Xbox).

However, despite the return of EVO in 2021, there is still a problem among fans of this event because it had to be actually implemented to prevent possible infections with the new Corona virus.

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“These past two years have been challenging, to say the least, for many reasons. The world has never experienced the things we have been through and are still going through to this day. We are grateful that we were able to come together through our passion for fighting games and play each other in online events.EVO organizers explained through an official statement.

Photo: Evolution Championship Series
Photo: Evolution Championship Series

“While the feeling wasn’t the same when we were all able to be spectators in the event stadium, with a roar in the crowd and energy in our hearts, the feeling was still there for everyone. We all love these games and the way they bring us together through education, competition and most importantly Of all that, have fun!”

Now, after two years of waiting and hundreds of requests from his followers, EVO has announced that its next edition in 2022 will take place from August 5-7 in person; Back in Las Vegas, as the host city for this important sporting event.

“It’s been a long time coming, and we know everyone is eagerly waiting for our next in-person event. We’ve been waiting for that too! Thank you all for joining us all this year and for believing in what makes Evo.The commission added in the document.

In this way, EVO hopes to resolve the issues raised in this year’s edition (which took place from August 6-15), in which the Several players reported missing multiple games due to issues with their internet connection. In addition, experts stress that a return to existence can come with many surprises, both technological and logistical, considering that EVO is now part of SONY’s catalog of events.

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