June 21, 2024

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Cuidar la salud en una feria

Exhibition dedicated to health with forty exhibitors in Paseo de Rojas

We usually only notice social welfare entities when they celebrate an annual day, encourage basic charitable initiatives or, inevitably, need their attention. Lucina defended the Andalusian map Exhibition that brings together health organizations It fosters an understanding of that task that brings relief and secures departmental fissures. Between presentations on stem cells, pilates and yoga, a discussion on orthotics and exercises to de-stress and sleep better, This Friday and Saturday ExpoSalud happened.

The municipal health delegation, with the exception of some absences, convinced all associations related to the health field to find themselves in some of them Forty models. For example, from diabetes Lucina insisted on their approach, “Above all, to the youngest, because we often associate diabetes with the elderly.” For this reason, President María del Mar Reyes and her team conveyed information about baby symptoms And in preparing families “to be alert.”

The inscription on the tents of the Subbética sect reveals and supports the regional calling. Coinciding with a celebration World Cancer Research Day“We must realize that only investment allows research,” emphasized Araceli Chicano, local president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

External exercises organized by Alofi. Manuel Gonzalez

On behalf of the Association of Lucentina and Subbética of Gamblers in Reification, Juan Chicón, the President noted that “this is a shameful disease” and this initiative “It’s a very good offer for usIt’s been 20 years.”

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Companies that deal with diseases and even in the areas of gastronomic, tourism, commerce or sports, accompany groups such as AMFE in Exposalud. Its president, Juan de Dios Valecillo, emphasized “the work of social care, with a physiotherapist, psychologist, educator and Word Clinic.” Exposalud will live (it’s a priority purpose, as confirmed on this first date) Its second edition is in 2023.