July 14, 2024

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F1 2021: Bottas justifies his performance for lack of clarity on his future for 2022

F1 2021: Bottas justifies his performance for lack of clarity on his future for 2022

Valtteri Bottas Still unclear about his future for next season, what he is sure of is that the dynamics of signing a one-season contract is only for her Damaged in the first part of the season.

last year , Mercedes driver He only renewed his contract for one season, which left him unfocused, as he had to deal with the pressures of the press.

“It’s just guesses and assumptions based on how I feel right now, But it would have definitely saved me a lot of energy and a lot of unnecessary extra stress and having to deal with the media At certain times of the year that way, there’s been more time and effort just to work with the team together in the future,” Bottas said on ESPN.

The Finn assumes that if his fate in Formula One is indeed confirmed, he can focus more on the team and the car. “I will not only focus on the moment, but I know I’m with the team and will focus on next year and all the improvements you want to share with the team in the future. Quiet sure would have differed, but it’s just a guess.”

“I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself in the past few yearsAs a driver and as a human being, to be able to understand himself, “the opposite of the driver, adding that what happens outside the race will not offend him or worry him.”I feel nowadays that whatever they throw at me won’t shake me To end the game, Bottas said, I feel ready to face any challenge in the future.

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Toto Wolf He hinted at Silverstone that after the holidays, this means in Belgian Grand Prix There will be news about who will be the partner Lewis Hamilton Next year.

During the summer holidays, another candidate to wear the German national team uniform, joined the Valtteri Bottas, George Russell Add Lance’s Outing, since the former world champion, Jacques Villeneuve It was stated in ‘Libero Quotidiano’: “I think Bottas can go to Aston Martin Instead of that stroll roam, who will be sitting in his seat at Mercedes.”

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