June 20, 2024

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F1 2021: Fernando Alonso's 'mania' making the Alps climb

F1 2021: Fernando Alonso’s ‘mania’ making the Alps climb

NSn Renault Happy with the Alpine season and their progress in Formula 1. Ocon’s victory in Hungary, as well as fourth place in it Fernando Alonso It is the affirmation and encouragement that the French expected. so you think Luca de MioCEO of the entire group.

The Commander in Chief believes that the key in all this is the arrival and work of the Asturian. “Fernando is a very important factor with His attitude, motivation, and semi-obsession in his efforts to achieve perfection‘, in an interview in Speedweek magazine.

The Senior Director has no doubt that this 2021 cycle is only the beginning of our ascent to the elite in the great circus. “We will be more competitive than we are today. I’m sure about that. I want to put the team in a stronger position.”

De Meo understands that his square is the image the entire group leading the diamond signature needs. “Alpine must show that the Renault group Can be maintained at the highest level. The Formula 1 project is at the heart of the Alpine business model. By appearing in Formula 1, we can attract attention that we cannot get with anything else.”

The CEO believes that the team’s renaming to the historic brand has paid off, too. “Let’s be honest, until recently, nobody outside France, except for a few fans, had anything to do with the Alpine brand. Now it’s on a lot of people’s minds. We haven’t released a new model for a long time, but Sales increased three to four times More than before.”

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