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F1 2021: Honda in Formula 1: They learned from their mistakes to become champions

F1 2021: Honda in Formula 1: They learned from their mistakes to become champions

Honda He didn’t have The good times in Formula 1 in recent history The great circus. In 2015, Fernando Alonso “ninguneaba” when you mention it Its engine was GP2All this after signing with Astori McLaren for its technology. A complete nightmare.

They took ninth place, penultimate, with only 27 points – countless disasters. In 2016, it grew insignificantly: the sixth, with 76, but in 2017 they returned to the well: Ninth, second to last, with 30 points.

In Woking they had a filling and They searched for a Renault engine… which they ascended. Honda left with Toro Rosso, Who did not stand out: ninth place with a score of 33 points. But they began to adapt the project with the help of the FIA.

came the jump 2019When they were already using the engine Red Bull and Toro Rosso. The “oldest” team came in third place with 417 points, and the “youngest” team was sixth with 85. 2020, with Red Bull second place With a score of 319 points and AlphaTauri, sptimo with 107.

curiously, The hatching came after they announced that they were leaving Formula 1, in 2021, with a Second place for Red Bull with 585.5 points And he’s fighting to the deadline, and with AlphaTauri sixth with a score of 142. But with the title of pilots Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman was puffing his chest. “The relationship was incredible. We believe in the project and its success. The first win was very exciting. We always press and we can see it. I can understand why they cried. They did it already after the first victory.” He was referring to the hugs and tears in Abu Dhabi among the Japanese ‘staff’ in the ring. They rarely showed affection.” We did it, we achieved it, and we are champions. Tanabe shouted, Maximum charge in F1.

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They bow their heads

Honda is the best. They have been through hard times and They lowered their heads and worked. Your engine was built 12 months ago. Max was able to perform the entire world championship with only three engines. “We will continue to maintain the relationship in the coming years,” he added. Christian Horner The winning team manager.

While, Alonso did not hesitate to congratulate them on BRAND. “When they left McLaren they didn’t even dream of winning the World Cup, but You did a good job, hire the right people, change management and philosophy “I am very happy for them,” he said.

They’re gone, officially, but the collaboration continues and Few doubt that they will return sooner or later. It is not in vain that they have achieved 89 Victoria32 of them have been achieved Ayrton Senna Ymax Verstappen, with 15 is already the second pilot to have the highest number. Few heroes, but pedigree. “It’s a great company, and I’m sorry to leave,” he said. Jean Todd Head of the FIA.

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