July 4, 2022

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Fernando Alonso 'There won't be another year' in Formula 1, says Alpine driver

Fernando Alonso ‘There won’t be another year’ in Formula 1, says Alpine driver

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Doha (AFP) – Fernando Alonso “won’t be another year” in Formula 1 “the day his level drops,” Alpine team chief executive Laurent Rossi said in an interview with AFP, referring to the future of the Spanish driver, who was in the past signed GP Qatar on the 98th podium.

Rossi also spoke about the 2022 tournament, a “lottery” for different teams, which will have to adapt to a completely new slate, so that “everyone will start from scratch.”

Q: Did you know since the beginning of the year that 2021 will be difficult?

A: “We knew it was going to be a year that wouldn’t be phased out or transition, because for everyone it was the latest regulations (in 2022 technical tweaks will be made to cars to make it easier to overtake and reduce differences between teams), but we did the minimum, we did what we could with We have. The visible part of the iceberg seen on the track is fighting for fifth, and the fat of the iceberg is working next season.”

Q: Can Alpine fans look forward to more winning chances in 2022?

A: “Yeah, probably. It’s always hard to predict, it’s like saying you’re going to win the lottery. The new regulations are going to get us all starting from scratch and someone might have design or inspiration in an element of the car that gives you a competitive edge for a while. It can shake This hierarchy, but for sure the teams will be copied, that’s normal, and the hierarchy can evolve. There are supposed to be more surprises, but we can also find a team that is overwhelmed with everything, like Mercedes in seven years. I hope not … or In that case it would be us.”

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Q: Oscar Piastre has just been signed as reserve driver for 2022. What prospect is there for the young Australian’s promise of 20 years given that Ocon has a contract until 2024 and Fernando Alonso is showing no signs of wanting to retire?

A: “If we sign him as a reserve, that is with the potential of turning him into a future pillar of the team. On paper, he is the driver who should take over from Fernando.”

P: ¿2023?

A: “We haven’t talked about it, neither for him nor for Fernando, because we have to deal with Fernando, who is still one of the best riders on the grid, how long he will be able to maintain his performance. As long as he stays that way, he is unbeatable,” A priori” in a better position today than Oscar, don’t be ashamed of the two-time world champion (2005 and 2006 with Renault) who probably should have won more titles. But today, and it could happen quickly, his level is dropping for whatever reason, We’ve spoken with Fernando that a good decision will already be made and there won’t be another year, there won’t be another race, and that’s going to open a hole for Oscar. In this period, we have to make sure Oscar doesn’t get stagnant. Then we’ll see, in 2023, how he presents Same for Fernando.

Interviewed by Olivier Leverault