July 14, 2024

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Finally, BTS has canceled their Map of the Soul world tour, which has been postponed from April 2020 |  Music

Finally, BTS has canceled their Map of the Soul world tour, which has been postponed from April 2020 | Music

Bad news for the military. Despite all efforts to be able to implement Soul Tour MapFinally, he won’t be able to. The tour I was going to take BTS all over the world You will have to wait for a new opportunity, having been in limbo since April 2020, when it was initially scheduled to be held, and suffering from constant delays.

BigHit Music, the record label for the k-pop group, released a statement informing all the news regarding the tour to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. “Our company has worked hard to resume preparations for BTS’s Map of the Soul Tour, knowing that all of our fans have been waiting a long time for the tour,” they began by saying.

“However, due to changing circumstances beyond our control, it has become difficult to recover performance on the same scale and in the same pre-planned time frame. Therefore, We should announce the cancellation of BTS’s soul tour mapWith these words, BigHit confirmed the worst news to all of its fans.

Almost a year and a half waiting

This tour was initially announced in January 2020, and is scheduled to begin in April of the same year at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, within the South Korean capital. However, the advance of the coronavirus has already forced the first postponement of all scheduled appointments, Including a show in Barcelona as a representation of our country.

To make up for this forced harassment, it was organized last October Online double concert Under the name BTS Map of the Soul ON: E and Whose (virtual) attendance was close to a million viewers. Complete success at the height of these seven idols! This show allowed many to dream about the long-awaited world tour, but in the end it will remain a dream, at least for the time being.

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Once again, let us offer our sincerest apologies to all the fans who have waited for the resumption of the BTS Soul Tour map. We are working on a viable alternative and formula that can meet your expectationsWe hope to update you as soon as possible,” concludes the official statement from BigHit Music.

Hopefully the good news will come sooner rather than later and that the army will be compensated as it deserves. rejoice!