May 20, 2024

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FIND THE WORD “PELONA” IN RECORD TIME Test yourself with this visual puzzle!  – Teach me about science

FIND THE WORD “PELONA” IN RECORD TIME Test yourself with this visual puzzle! – Teach me about science

We invite you to participate in today’s visual challenge that is positioned as one of the trends in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Try to get the target and the best time before the rest of the participants.

Can you solve the intermediate level visual challenge before the clock stops? Find out now, don’t forget time, keep in mind that it is one of the obstacles to overcome.

Pay attention to the image that the platform produces Cool teacher You will see the word template a ballBetween the rows and columns in the illustration is a word that does not belong in the series and you will have to find it in less than two rooster crows.

Find the word “PELONA” in less than 8 seconds

Start searching!

picture: Cool teacher

In this visual puzzle, you had to show your skills in visual and mental speed. Tell us how long it took you to find the solution.

For the following challenges, we suggest that you go to a comfortable place where you can perform at your best and there are no distractions in your environment. In this type of puzzle, you must quickly observe every corner of the illustration in order to come up with a correct answer in the shortest possible time.

Next, the solution to this will be revealed mystery Visible so you don’t get a second chance, if you want to search again to see where the word is this is the last chance to try again.


picture: Cool teacher

We hope that your taste for visual, logical and mathematical challenges increases every day, that you participate in them every time you come across them on social networks and push your own limits. To get positive and beneficial results for your health, you must maintain perseverance and enthusiasm.

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