June 23, 2024

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Galaxy S24 can keep Google search engine instead of Bing

Galaxy S24 can keep Google search engine instead of Bing

As an Android terminal user, you may not care much about the space in your phone window. In addition to placing apps where you want them, you can place different elements called widgets, as usually every Google phone has one that focuses on signature. And it seems that this will not finally go away because of Bing on Samsung phones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 could still be with Google gadget

If there is something every Internet user does in their sessions, it is looking for something they need. It’s true that mobile apps have made this process much faster and easier, but the truth is that widgets are faster if possible. And this is where it plays a very fundamental role, which is Google, which has been talked about and can hide in a certain type of terminal.

A few weeks ago we talked about how Microsoft made it so that the Samsung Galaxy S24 had a new search engine that was none other than Bing. We must highlight the good relationship between the two houses, but this has caused many alarms and it was none the less. Until now it was Google was responsible for this, but everything indicated that it would change everything in the next generation.

But now the information is mixed techradar It is completely opposite to what we had in his day. It seems that now the Korean company is still going with its own default search engine on its mobiles, and the truth is that it also has reasons to do so.

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It’s true that Microsoft is making a lot of progress with its search engine and it’s all thanks to ChatGPT, but what needs to be kept in mind is that what works when using the tool is the search engine rather than the chat. But in the Mountain View home, they’re really making progress with Bard, as we already know that many of their products will combine to make users’ lives a lot easier than it is now.

Everything can change

These comings and goings are nothing more than opening the doors to all the possibilities that Samsung has to offer users a good service with their phones. We will see in the future how this issue will turn out, although eventually Google Chrome will be installed on Android terminals and will always be one of the first choices since it is one of the most widespread.