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Genshin Impact: How to play and earn "Dream Flowers" event rewards in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: How to play and earn “Dream Flowers” event rewards in Genshin Impact


11/11/2021 –

FDream Lords is the new Genshin Impact event starting tomorrow, November 12th, in which we will have to Go down to the garden and sow the seeds by Sequoia Florist It is provided to us.

Duration and Requirements for Participation in “Dream Flowers” ​​by Genshin Impact

  • Seed exchange stage: From November 12 10:00 to November 18, 2021 03:59 (server time)
  • Flower exchange stage: From November 12 10:00 to November 22, 2021 03:59 (server time)
  • It arrived Adventure rating 30 superior.
  • News Unlock the relaxation device They completed Archon’s mission El plan de huida de Ritou.

How to play Genshin Impact’s “Dream Flowers” event

during the event, After completing the preliminary research “Dream Flowers”Follow the directions on the map For Sakuya florists in Inazuma to extract the seeds.

How to play Genshin Impact’s “Dream Flowers” event

During the first six days of the event, You can get six dream flower seeds And other rewards for delivering the required materials to Sakuya.

  • Eye: Sequoia will deliver each day a random type of the three seeds he has, if you ever recur, You can access your friends’ world to share.

Plant your seeds to get dream flowers

You can sow your own seeds in Primary races: the lush fields of the relaxation apparatus And after a while they grow up and become It will turn into a random dream flower.

  • Eye: If you clear the field while the seeds are growing, You won’t be able to get it back.
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During the event, you can decorate the flower racks near Sakuya with the flowers of your dreams. You can redesign it whenever you want.

Plant your seeds to get dream flowers

Plant your seeds to get dream flowers

If you complete the event missions, you will be able to get them “Sakuya planter package” and choose the planter rack you like the most. Flower racks and dream flowers you get during the event They will be stored permanently in your Relaxer device.

  • During the event, complete missions to get them A maximum of three Sequoia Planter Packs.
  • Go to the Inventory and Valuables to use your Sakuya Planter Packs. Once you confirm the flower rack you want, You will not be able to change it. You can see a preview at the florist in Sakuya.
  • Once the event is over, The obtained dream flowers will be saved as decorations in your inventory, but the seeds you did not plant will not be saved.

during the event Open the “Dream Flower Gifts” interface to see the dream flowers that your friends need and give them away. You can also ask your friends to give you the dream flowers that you need.

  • Eye: You can save up to Max 50 flowers given by your friends. Once this limit is exceeded, the flowers you receive will be destroyed.

Important information about the “Flores de Ensueo” event


How to play Genshin Impact’s “Dream Flowers” event

  1. Seeds can only be replaced once a day. The rewards are updated daily, so if you don’t redeem seeds one day, you will miss out on this opportunity.
  2. You cannot have more than 20 dream flowers of each variety At the same time. If you exceed this limit, you will not be able to get more of these flowers from “Essential Races: Lush Fields” or from gifts from your friends.
  3. WLOnce the event is over, the Dream Flower Seeds cannot be exchanged The Sakuya florist. But you can still send flowers until November 22nd to your friends and other travelers.
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Flowers of Dreams Event Prizes

event rewards "insta flowers

Flowers of Dreams Event Prizes

When all tasks are completed Flower shelves can be chosen from among the three groups of Sequoia plants. You can also get dream flowers, protogem, character improvement items, hero creativity, mysterious refinement minerals, blackberries, and other rewards.