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Gmail content and photos start deleting on December 1, if you don’t meet these conditions on your iPhone

Gmail content and photos start deleting on December 1, if you don’t meet these conditions on your iPhone

Starting in December, Google will cancel accounts that have been inactive for two years. This is how you can avoid it from your iPhone

Google offers a few cloud services, although two of the most popular are gmail And Google images. Almost everyone has used one of these services at some point. That’s the problem, those who don’t do it regularly. Google has warned again about this In December, he will begin deleting accounts.

This is something that was previously explained in A supporting document In May of this year, though, he was repeatedly reminded. It will be now, in December, when this program starts working, so if you think this might be your case, We tell you how to avoid this from your iPhone.

How to prevent Google from deleting your account

All of this comes as a result of Google’s initiative to end scams like phishing. Inactive accounts are easy to hack And then use it for bad purposes. If these accounts are deleted, scammers will have a harder time trying to scam active users.

To prevent your account from being considered “inactive”, all you have to do is Do not leave it unattended for two years. That is, if you have a Gmail account that you don’t consult often, logging in once will reset the counter. It’s easy, but at the same time it’s a good guarantee of the legitimacy of the accounts. This applies to the rest of Google services. That is, there is no need to go through one service after another to enter them all, the moment we access any of them using our account, the two cents for everything are already reset.

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From an iPhone, this only takes a few seconds, so it may be the quickest way to do this. So, if there’s an account you haven’t looked at in a while, log in for a moment and This ensures that no misfortune occurs.. This procedure is understandable, but it will certainly cause some problems for those who do not pay much attention to it.

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