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Gold for New Zealand | 22 days

The Land of Internationally Broadcasted Myths and Adventures for the Famous Huckabee by All Blocks and The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson New Zealand Is the source of endless discoveries. Looking at the clouds announcing the landscape, The Morris, who first inhabited this end of the world, named it Oterova … or land with long white clouds. Your initials

Take a trip to the magnificent bay with its white sand beaches … immerse yourself in thousands of jungles … let the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, its bohemian side, captivate you with the sweetness of life. The South Island is known for its crystalline beaches, lush green forests, spectacular glaciers in the Abel Tasman Park and the endemic flora and fauna of the Otago Peninsula. To enhance the invention, MySense to Voyage specialists have reserved beautiful accommodation, P&P or boutique hotels for you, carefully selected for their location and originality.



• Day 1: Departure France During the day.

• Day 2: Services and a night on the ship.

• Day 3: Visit to Auckland, New Zealand’s Economic Center, where 60 volcanoes are located. Take your rental car. Appreciate the countless boats that sail through the bay, symbolizing the art of “Kiwis” life and never missing the opportunity to experience the nature around them.

• Day 4: Drive north of New Zealand and the bay of the islands, a very popular area with the Kiwis, they come for baskets, enjoy pleasant coastal trails or engage in sea activities on the white sandy beaches. Many Mori people who live there will be happy to share their culture and art. It was here that the Native Mari tribes and European settlers signed the Waitangi Revolutionary Agreement after a century of conflict.


Day 5: Free day in Baihiya to explore the most beautiful of the 144 islands that make up the Gulf, go on a trip to meet the marine mammals and learn about the rich history of the region.

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6 Day 6: Discover the lighthouse Cape Ringa at the end of the magical and majestic world, the sacred place of Maurice. This is where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet … and the souls of the dead go to join the afterlife according to Mori beliefs.

7 Day 7: On the way to Biha, the “Mecca of Surfers”, you will find the majestic cursive forests of Opononi and Hokianga, including its white sand dunes and De Matua Nager (Father of the Forest) and Dan Mahuda (Lord of the Forest). .

• Day 8: Known for its clear water forests and golden beaches, the Gormont Peninsula is a majestic stone arch with cathedral cove-like celestial corners. Highlights of the day: Noisy on the hot water beach …


• Day 9: The nucleus of exceptional geological phenomena, and in the south of Rotorua, the birthplace of the De Arawa tribe who lived there for more than 600 years, why not make a detour to the Gloverm caves of Wydomo?

• Day 10: Murray, Hungry Feast (Mori Show and Food): A non-stop cultural experience in Rotorua, and the opportunity to experience Rotorua’s geothermal activity.

• Day 11: A stop at Huga Falls, notable for its turquoise color and their remarkable flow, became a huge volcanic eruption before coming to Tongaro and hiking in New Zealand’s oldest national park.

• Day 12: Crossing the fertile lands of Levine allows you to reach the southern capital of the world, Wellington, which is located in the foothills of the steep mountains overlooking the Cook Strait. The De Baba Museum has a remarkable collection of Maori art.


13 Day 13: You get on boats connecting the North Island and the South Island to discover the marlborough sounds of the islands, bays and forests. At the entrance to the majestic Queen Charlotte Sound, a three-hour drive is required to reach the port of Picton. Road to the Citadel and Abel Tasman Park.

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14 Day 14: On a trip or a trip, discover the Abel Tasman Park and its magnificent beaches with clear water on the edge of the tropical forests …

• Day 15: The journey continues as far as the Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki, with the strange boulders that look like pancakes stacked on the permanent erosion of the Tasman Sea.

• Day 16 : Frods Joseph and Fox go south to the glaciers and pass through Hate Cadica, a small town famous for its jade factories.


• Day 17: After strolling along Matheson Lake, which reflects Mount Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand’s calm waters, follow the scenic route to Wanaka Lake and then to Queenstown. It is one of the most beautiful roads in the country, from high mountains to the Tasman Sea, from glacier lakes to rainforests. There are plenty of activities in the Queenstown area: crossing the lake by steam boat, going to a farm with a sheep demonstration, lunch with a view of the lake, jet-boat on the shotover, funky jumping …

• Day 18: Day trip to Milford Sound. With the waters of Fjord, the majestic waterfalls dominated by the peak of Mitterrand, and dolphins or sea lions swimming on the rocks on either side of your boat …

• Day 19: Discovery of Dunedin. Proudly carrying its Scottish look through its architecture and enduring traditions, the bustling capital of Otago is the second largest city on the South Island. From beautiful beaches to fragmented rocks, a ship is ideal for discovering the colonies of peninsular masters albatrosses and yellow-eyed masters of the peninsula.

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Adrian Olichan

• Day 20: On the way to Timaru, one is fascinated by the amazing geography of the Moroccan rocks. According to the Mari legend, these were baskets of items washed away during the storm …

• Day 21: Return your vehicle to Christchurch International Airport. Flight to France on regular flight. Services and a night on the ship.

• Day 22: Came to France.


Your stay dates

– From late September to May

– From 3,325


• Day 1: France / Auckland

• Day 2: And full

• Day 3: Auckland

• Day 4: Auckland / Baihia – Bay of Islands

Day 5: Baihiya

6 Day 6: Baihiya / Kaitaya

7 Day 7: Kaidaya / Biha

• Day 8: Biha / Coromandel Peninsula

• Day 9: Coromandel Peninsula / Rotorua

• Day 10: Rotorua

• Day 11: Rotorua / Tongariro

• Day 12: Tongariro / Wellington

13 Day 13: Wellington / Picton / Abel Tasman

14 Day 14: Abel Tasman

• Day 15: Nelson / Punakayki

• Day 16: Punakayki / Hokitika / Fox Glacier

• Day 17: Fox Glacier / Queenstown

• Day 18: Queenstown

• Day 19: Queenstown / Dunedin

• Day 20: Dunedin / Dimaru

• Day 21: Timaru / Christchurch / France

• Day 22: France

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