June 23, 2024

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Vendido por 393.300 dólares un putter de repuesto de Tiger Woods

GOLF sold for $393,300 for a Tiger Woods replacement racket

Last Sunday, Golden Age Golf Auctions auctioned the most expensive golf club in history. Although there is no official data, it is estimated that $393,300 who has reached 2002 Scotty Cameron presented the racket to tiger wood, it represents a new record.

Bidding began on August 12 with a price of at least $25,000 That was quickly viewed by a private viewer. Fourteen days later, on August 26, the price rose to $104.431. On Saturday, August 28, the last day of the auction, there was a flurry of specials that pushed the bid up to $327,750. The final bid that the club’s bidder won was $393,300.

The auction racket was created in 2002 by Scotty Cameron to be a replica of Tiger’s Newport 2, which Woods would keep as an alternative club. It was never used in tournaments, but the American used it for training. In accordance with the Golden Age, Cameron produced one or two alternative rackets each year for Woods, but Fewer than 10 specimens are known to exist.

In the same auction some other items were sold such as Trofeo Del Masters 1974 D Gary Playerthat arrived at 523,483 dollars; a 1904 Olympic Golf Cup, by 493777. Dollars; and one Nike golf ball signed by Tiger Woods, which closed its auction on $9532.

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