April 19, 2024

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Google is attacking Apple for its delay in adopting the RCS system, while boasting about its deployment next fall

Google is attacking Apple for its delay in adopting the RCS system, while boasting about its deployment next fall

Google has been laughing at Apple for not rushing to adopt the RCS protocol for iMessage, although on the other hand it is very proud that it should start using it this fall no matter what.

Google messages.

Google trying to put an end to the green bubble hate for some time is nothing new. Big G has He spent a lot trying to convince Apple to adopt the RCS protocol For iMessage, which has so far used its own protocol and made sure to try to get into Google (which, by the way, it activated by default for all users in the summer of last year).

Last February, Apple added RCS to the iMessage app, although it was practically forced to do so. Since he did that, Google has been all about pats on the back and congratulations. To the point where, As we read in Android Police, They hurl harsh criticism at them and brag that they have no other choice. To be up and running by next fall.

Such amusing childish corporate behaviour

It's no secret that there's not much love between Apple and Google. This corporate tyranny is especially evident in marketing campaigns targeting each other Google as the latest aggressor. In a campaign known as Best phones forever (which you can see just below) The big G was laughing at Apple for forcing the implementation of USB-C and lack of RCS support.

The next step was the campaign in which Google participated Apple is called “classic” in a completely open way, since its lack of support for the RCS protocol is what created first and second tier users within the United States. The first category is those that appear as blue bubbles in iMessage, while the second category is those that appear as green bubbles. All this is What started the famous Hate the green bubble Which we were talking about before.

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This brings us to New Google Messages page. Obviously there's nothing that's going to attract a lot of attention: a sampling of all Google's messaging capabilities, new AI capabilities… and the usual corporate advertising jargon. The interesting thing comes in a specific card, which appears Specific features of RCS Such as sending photos and videos in high resolution.

If we stay on this card and click on “See more features”and then we move to the bottom of the screen, a message appears Quote says Apple will adopt RCS in fall 2024. In fact, the full text of the quote is as follows:

Apple has announced that it will adopt RCS in the fall of 2024. Once that happens, there will be a better messaging experience for everyone.

It is easy to understand this for what it is, A A victory for Google… on American soil. The fact is that in other regions (Europe, for example) it is very difficult for users to use the default messaging applications for iOS and Android, except for receiving traditional SMS messages. Here communication with users is more common OS neutral applications Such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Although it is important to beat Apple in its own territory, in the rest of the world it is difficult to celebrate it with the same celebration.

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