May 20, 2024

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Google is unifying its teams to speed up the process of creating products…

Google is unifying its teams to speed up the process of creating products…

Bloomberg – Alphabet Inc. CEO announced. (GOOGL) Sundar Pichai Changes in the structure of Google teamsSaying that these steps will help the company develop products and services Artificial Intelligence (AI) Faster and more efficient.

In a memo to employees, also published Thursday in A Blog postPichai said the AI ​​modeling, research and accountability teams will be consolidated under the company's leading AI division, Google DeepMind.

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To speed up work on Google AI Models (Gemini and Gemma), employees working on this technology at Google Research and Google DeepMind will be combined into one team, also consolidating the expensive computing power needed to train and build systems into one branch of the company. The teams responsible for artificial intelligence at the company will also report to Google DeepMind.

For this part, New unified platforms and devices team Pichai explained that he will combine the efforts of Google's hardware, software and artificial intelligence teams, including those working on products such as Android, Chrome, Search and Photos. The group will also include employees working on computational photography and on-device AI functions, such as the AI ​​widget “Research Department” From Google, which was recently announced in cooperation with Samsung Electronics Company

the changes, Pichai wrote“They will help us work with greater focus and clarity toward our mission.”

While Google has ramped up its work in generative AI to keep pace with efforts allied with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and OpenAI, which many see as more advanced, the company has also changed priorities Reduce costs. Over the past few months this has led to a series of… Successive job cuts, creating a grim new reality of insecurity for employees. In January, the company fired hundreds of people working in digital support, hardware and engineering teams.

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At the same time, Google has framed the reorganization as necessary to focus more on launching AI tools and services. Earlier this year, the company launched a new version of its powerful AI model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, which it said can handle a greater amount of text, video and even audio output than the competition. He also changed his name Chatbot like Gemini It launched a more open macro language model to help the company gain support in the open source community.

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What other challenges does Google face?

But Google also faced challenges, such as when it acquired the company Widespread criticism of an AI photography tool that created unhistorical images of people. Pichai also announced on Thursday a core trust and safety team at the company that will invest more in testing and evaluating artificial intelligence systems, a move that appears aimed at… Addressing risks associated with launching consumer-facing AI products By centralizing responsibility in the team.

In his note, Pichai also alluded to this week's employee protest against… Nimbus Project, a joint $1.2 billion contract with Inc. (AMZN) to provide the Israeli government and the Israeli army with artificial intelligence and cloud services. Google on Wednesday fired 28 employees who participated in the protest.

“We have an open and vibrant discussion culture that allows us to create amazing products and turn great ideas into action,” Pichai wrote. “But at the end of the day, we are a workplace and our policies and expectations are clear: “This is a business and not a place to behave in ways that disrupt or make co-workers feel unsafe, attempt to use the company as a personal platform, discuss subversive topics or debate politics.”

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