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Google Translate Alternatives: Most Reliable Websites and Apps for Online Text Translation |  technology

Google Translate Alternatives: Most Reliable Websites and Apps for Online Text Translation | technology

The vast majority of Internet users, when they want to search for something, go to the Google search engine. When they need an email, they use Gmail, and when they need a route, they use Gmail. Google Maps.

The great victory of Google is that they have been able to make us use their services by default, assuming it with the best or most effective. Google offers excellent services, but in some cases they are not the best, although they are the most used.

This is what happens with Google Translate or Google Translate. Thanks to its inclusion in the Google search engine, in the Assistant, on all sites, we are used to choosing it by default. But There are other better Or they do other things google translator Not allowed.

Let’s take a look at Best alternatives to Google Translate. Some are more suitable for specific translations. Others are simply better.

Most of them are available through website and app format. For reference we show the web, but if you enter it, you will have access to the corresponding application or computer program.

Best alternatives to Google Translate in 2022

Why isn’t Google Translate perfect?

The Google translator Excellent translator. It was shown for the first time in 2006which is currently capable of Translate 109 languages All.

At first I was Artificial intelligence based on statisticsThat is, he searched for translation in real translations made by professional human translators and remained with the most frequently used. Use as a reference Translations of United Nations and European Union texts.

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As of 2016, Google started using . files neural network translation, It translates whole sentences and takes into account the context or general meaning of the whole sentence.

Google Translator: Complete Guide and Tricks for the Best Online Translator

Being a translation based on statistics and existing translations, Google Translate stumbles a bit when it has to interpret contextor when a word has different meanings depending on whether it is used seriously or in an ironic tone, for example.

He also has trouble interpreting for you or the You arebecause in English, which is the intermediate language among almost all translations, there is no such difference.

Since it is based on translations of the United Nations and the European Union, It translates relatively well into the most widely used languages ​​in the international arena (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.), but not many other languages ​​as there are few reference texts.

for the same reason, He has problems with slang. It also has certain usage restrictions. It does not accept some file formats, does not allow text editing, and does not preserve formatting when translating.

Google Translate isn’t perfect, which is why it’s worth looking for other alternatives.


DeepL is the best free online translator. Experts say it, and we can also check it In the comparison we did.

deep It is a translator developed by DeepL GmbH, a German company that created linguistic. It was unveiled in 2017.

DeepL Translator relies on Linguee to find translations previously made by human translators. Like Google Translate, use neural networks To translate whole texts, not just words.

But instead of relying on UN and EU translations, DeepL uses the Linguee database, with Billions of translations from web pages of all kinds.

We don’t know much about DeepL, because Code is closed and private. DeepL GmbH keeps information confidential, for good reason: Its translations are more accurate and natural than any other AI based translator.

The free version of DeepL translates 28 languagesIn this sense, it is more limited than Google, which translates over 100. But there are all the major languages.

also Translate entire documents into PDF, DOCX and PPTX formats.

DeepL performs more honest and accurate translations than Google Translateas you can see if you take a look at this card:

For many years Google Translate has been the reference. But a new contender wants to feud for the throne, Deep L. Is it really as better as the experts claim?

It works especially well with long slang phrases.

Access to DeepL. It works on the web and is available As a Windows and Mac appBeside Browser Extension.

The free version does not contain ads, but only allows you to translate texts using Max 5000 characters and 3 files per month. Document translations cannot be edited, and they only support a maximum size of 5MB.

There is a paid version Deep Prowhich removes these restrictions.

Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Translator It is a good alternative to Google, as it offers very similar functionality.

He is capable of it Translate 60 languages ​​in text, image and voice. It also integrates with Microsoft’s own apps, such as Desk.

One of her creations for a few weeks is that Translate conversations in real time, with translation. You can also translate Street signs, a phrase you say with your voice, web pages and even videos. It is a good translator if the text has context or is at an educational level.

LG Gram, analysis and opinion

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Unfortunately Not available live on the webyou need to install a Windows, iOS or Android app.

Also note that some advanced features are paid for.

Access to Microsoft Translator.


Reverso is an online translator of French origin with Very similar design to DeepLalthough there are some interesting additions.

Free version translated into 18 languages, It can also Translate Word, PDF and PowerPoint documents.

When you write a sentence to translate, it gives you the option Rewrite the sentence to make it better, Or even offer a synonymous version. It also has a section for Translation of texts where context is important, text corrector, conjugation of verbs and synonyms.

Learning languages ​​goes beyond just communication. Languages ​​are the keys that open the doors to the world of business, employment or culture. According to the World Economic Forum, there are 5 languages ​​that will help you find a job.

So it is not just a translator. as progress Text Enhancement Tools Even in your own language, to learn.

It has a paid version called Premium which allows longer texts, translate more types of documents, like Excel and remove ads.

go to reverse. In addition to using it on the web, there are files Apps for Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome.


urgent It is a newly created translator It uses artificial intelligence, through a neural networkto translate texts.

He only knows a little 20 languages, but it is the most widely used. In addition to translating text, it also displays automatically Conjugation of the verbs it contains, and phrases in different contexts. Of course, the free version only lets you translate 999 characters.

You can also install files A robot that translates messages in real time cable.

Access prompt. It can be used from the web or from an app for iOS and Android.

dict translation

Although its design is old-fashioned, this compiler works quite well. It automatically detects about 50 languages ​​and translates them to each other.

Click on the speaker icon as well pronunciation of sentences. add pYou can download these audio files with pronunciation methods, In case you want to reproduce it on a trip abroad.

One of its unique features is that Counts both letters and words in the text. It is useful if you are going to write on Twitter, on a forum, social network, or technical service with a limited number of words.

Access to the translation of Dict. It is only available in web mode.

Yandex translation

Simple but easy to use translator. Translate text up to 10,000 characters, and it will be translated into more than 100 languages. It pronounces it too, and you can translate with your voice.

In addition to translating texts, it also translates entire web pages, documents, and text within images.

Access to Yandex . translation. It is available in web and mobile app format.


If you only need Translate single words, or you’re learning a language, Linguee It can be very useful to you.

It’s a dictionary that translates terms in more than one 25 different languages. As mentioned, it is one of the tools that DeepL uses.

In addition to providing translation, Linguee also includes pronunciation with phonemic examplesAnd the Example sentences Which use that word with its corresponding translation. This is why it is an excellent tool if you are learning a language.

Access to Linguee. In addition to the web format, it is also available as an app for iOS and Android.


Although it’s basically localized, it’s actually triple he is A language tool for travel.

Triplingo translates essential phrases when traveling abroad, and even does so Real-time voice translator, emergency phrases and local phone numbers for doctors and police.

But it also offers other tools, such as Tip calculator by country, currency converter, measurement and cultural notes About local customs.

Access to TripLingo. It’s available as an app for iOS and Android, and some advanced features are paid for.

We have seen 8 alternatives to Google Translate to translate texts.