August 19, 2022

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Google will activate two-step authentication automatically

Google will activate two-step authentication automatically

Google will automatically activate two-step authentication for 150 million users (Image: Google)

service google browser It will see changes at the end of 2021. Because two-factor authentication has been proposed in order to more securely protect user stories. It has even taken steps for some time to raise the level of security for all of its services, as evidenced by the fact that end-to-end encryption has accessed RCS messages (which include Google Messages) or Titan Key physics.

In this line of quest for greater security for its users, Google – as part of its celebration of Cyber ​​Security Month – will strive to provide 2FA authentication to more than 150 million users. According to what Google wrote on October 5 – By Abdelkarim Mardini and Jimmy Kim – They want password login to be seamless and secure.

We are also implementing a feature in the Google app that allows you to access all the passwords you have saved in the Google Password Manager directly from the Google Apps menu. These improvements are designed to make your password experience easier and more secure. Not only on Google, but on the webThe article says.

Google wants password login to be seamless and secure (Image: Google)
Google wants password login to be seamless and secure (Image: Google)

Register users in 2SV

Google notes that second authentication “significantly reduces the chances of an attacker gaining access to the account.” Along these lines, they seek to enhance user security with two-step verification (2SV), which is powerful When combining “something you know” (such as a password) and “something you have” (such as your phone or a security key).

“By the end of 2021, we plan to automatically enroll an additional 150 million Google users in 2SV and are asking 2 million YouTube creators to activate it,” the statement said.

This is how two-step authentication works.  Video: Google
This is how two-step authentication works. Video: Google

However, Google explains that at the moment, two-factor authentication is not the most convenient process for all of its users. Therefore, it continues to work on technologies that achieve this.

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For this reason, this validation process intends, Which is headquartered at Google AuthenticatorAnd It becomes the everyday user of its users, creating a process that is as convenient and transparent as possible. it will work?.

“With the new Google Identity Services, we’ve combined advanced Google security with easy sign-in to provide a convenient experience that also keeps users safe (…) Ultimately, we want all of our users to have a simple and seamless login experience that includes the best security protections across all of their devices and accounts.We are done writing.

What happened in 2020

Last year, at the height of the pandemic and confinement, Google had already announced several improvements in the security system for its in-platform services. For example, the option to automatically delete our accounts activity history or the well-known “Privacy Check” to see if the passwords typed in are safe has appeared.

As additional information, the company announced alliances with organizations “to provide free security keys to more than 10,000 high-risk users this year.” taking into consideration.

Google translator facilities

It should be remembered that Google also has an interesting trick, such as Translation Fastest text or sentence in Google Translator. to do this, The best is to create custom widgets with shortcuts so that, just by pressing on them, you can type or dictate whatever you want on the app. Follow these steps:

To create a Google Translate Widget, you must first update the application.

-When it is downloaded to your cell phone, press the screen of your device for a second.

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-At the bottom the widget creation function will appear.

-Now search in Google Translate.

-At that moment, the widget creation window will open and choose two languages: the original language and the result.

– Now you can see an icon on your cell phone screen of Google Translate.

– When you click on it, just dictate the sentence and the translator will take care of giving you the correct answer.

Best of all, you can create several widgets at once and use them independently.

This way you can create many Google Translate tools.  (Photo: Spanish)
This way you can create many Google Translate tools. (Photo: Spanish)

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