May 27, 2024

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Gunk introduces a new gameplay video;  delayed until december

Gunk introduces a new gameplay video; delayed until december

Thunderful Publishing and developer Image & Form Games have announced a slight delay in ginkgo, which – which Instead of September is now arriving in December. Will be available on PC and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One at €29.99, although it will also be included in an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The team unveiled a new trailer for the game on the occasion of Gamescom 2021.

ginkgo It is a title about two friends dedicated to collecting trash that travels from one planet to another in search of resources to sell. “One day, they landed on a planet that seemed dead, but soon discovered that it was different from everyone else. The sticky “sticky” parasite covers a large area and appears to stifle what would otherwise be a vibrant natural environment With rich wildlife,” the developers say. It is immediately clear to them that they must fight this plague and get to the truth of what happened on this dying planet. This, on the other hand, causes conflict between the two. You think if they don’t end the plague, the planet will die. While the other thinks they have enough trouble to fix this. It will not be the only argument between the two friends.”

From the creators of SteamWorld

The team recalls that it produced “incredibly successful titles that no one would believe in. However, all of these titles were completely harmless and even cartoonish. But this is a game with a terrifying theme.” A slimy epidemic and a very familiar struggle. We also have high aspirations, but we wouldn’t force anything to make it a traditional title. “In principle, it will not be framed in the universe SteamWorld.

Gunk has been postponed to December and presents a new tr

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