May 27, 2024

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Hamilton selects Bottas for 2022

Hamilton selects Bottas for 2022

mercedes It won’t take long to announce the name of the accompanying pilot Lewis Hamilton in 2022 employment mercedesIn the first year of the new era, F1, where a major change to competition regulations will be implemented to increase excitement and equality on the track. Team Brackley You must choose between continuing to trust Valtteri Bottas or promoted one of the most outstanding young talents of the “Great Circus”, George Russell.

The Englishman had previously said before the Baku race last year that he was ready to fight for titles if they gave him the chance, although he made it clear that he would be loyal to Mercedes and would continue under its umbrella if they did not raise him next year. And on the track, with his impressive performance, he continues to give the British press more reason to pressure Toto Wolff for George for a seat next to Hamilton. On the other hand, there is Bottas, the no-hassle pilot for Lewis, who accepts his role as runner-up, who has recently thrown, at Silverstone and Hungary, several ‘heads’ for Stevenig on the track which doesn’t bother Hamilton. Bottas gives the hero the peace of mind he is looking for because he is not at his level. Although this makes Mercedes suffer more in the Builders’ World Cup against Red Bull with a bigger formation.

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Mercedes had to solve this question during the summer holidays. In that sense, Russell had already said he hoped this would happen. Wolf must decide between the stability Bottas affords Hamilton or the massive future that Russell awaits, as he risks George sinking his teeth into his big star. Perhaps that is why Hamilton has more than clarity. If it is up to Lewis, Bottas will continue in 2022. Valtteri himself has argued in comments to the Finnish series MTV Sports.

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“Yes, Luis told me quite directly, he would like me to be his teammate. Together we can do very well,” said Bottas. in public.

“I don’t think there will be any news in the short term, but things will become clear. Everything is going in the right direction.”Valtteri added.