April 22, 2024

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Havana at the gates of the Biennale of Visual Arts

Havana at the gates of the Biennale of Visual Arts

Havana, 8 November. Next Friday, the group exhibition “Paths That Don’t Lead to Rome” will open at the Wifrido Lamm Center for Contemporary Art, which will mark the beginning of the 14th Havana Biennale.

Artists from Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, and Jordan, among others, will address the theme of colonialism, decolonization and contemporary, through works that will be in an ongoing process of creation during the three phases in which this edition is designed.

The 16th-20th Theoretical Event will be hosted by the National Gallery of Fine Arts, a forum that will bring face-to-face with the virtual method and will be attended by directors of other art biennials, curators, critics and even scholars.

Speakers will think about art in times of crisis. future and contemporary. decolonization as an act of liberation; Environment and Sustainability.

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