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Health update singer and TELECINCO presenter

Health update singer and TELECINCO presenter

Breaking news about Bertine Osborne’s health condition after the last period of recovery: “Sydonia City”Telesenko

It has been a long time since nothing was known about Bertin Osborne due to his recovery period due to Covid… only… We know details about his health condition thanks to his daughters. Who gladly came to the press to tell the last hour about the state of their father's health. Finally the announcer was seen in public: “City of Sidonia.”

Bertin Osborne He was seen eating with his daughters in a restaurant in the city of CadizAs reported in Lecturas magazine. It was the owners of the restaurant who shared the snapshot of the moment on their social networks, noting: “We had a pleasant visit by Bertin Osborne to our restaurant and tasted, among other things, our suckling pig. Thank you for your visit.”

picture Where Bertin Osborne can be seen making a full recovery.

Posted by Ventorrillo El Carbon steakhouse.

Bertin Osborne, whose full name is Norberto Juan Ortiz Osborne, is a prominent figure in the world of Spanish entertainment, born on December 7, 1954 in Madrid. Throughout his extensive career, Bertin left a lasting mark As a singer, actor and TV presenter, he has won love and respect in Spain and abroad.

Diversity It is one of the most distinctive features of Bertin Osborne's career. Initially recognized as a ranchera singer, he achieved great success in the 1980s and 1990s with songs such as “Amor mediterráneo” and “Buenos dias, corazón”, which became veritable anthems and cemented his position in the music industry.

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However, Bertin was not limited to music, He also ventured into acting, and participated in many films and television series. His innate charisma and ability to connect with the audience led him to participate in successful productions, demonstrating his talent outside the musical field.

One of the biggest highlights of Bertin Osborne's career was his run as a talk show host on Spanish television. His program, “For You or For Me,” became a television phenomenon, as he conducted up-close and personal interviews with celebrities. Revealing aspects of their lives that are rarely shared publicly. The program was widely acclaimed and won numerous awards, cementing Bertin's position as one of the most beloved presenters on Spanish television.

For charitable reasons

In addition to his success in the entertainment field, Bertin Osborne He is known for his commitment to various charitable causes. He has been actively involved in awareness campaigns on autism, organ donation and helping people with disabilities, among other things.

Regarding his love life, controversy has arisen recently, with Amor Romera's statements about the alleged involvement of a third woman in the singer's romantic situation. However, Bertin responded to these statements, Send a message to Pipi Estrada to decline the informationn, claiming to be in Portugal and seeming surprised by such rumours.

Although the authenticity of the letter has been questioned by some collaborators, Interest in Bertin Osborne's personal life continues to be a source of interest and speculation among followers and the gossip press.