June 21, 2024

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He’s inside a volcano

He’s inside a volcano

It is possible that the American state has on its territory a mineral that is truly necessary in the technological world of the 21st century, although there is also controversy.

A picture of some samples extracted from the largest lithium deposits in the world.

When we talk about LithiumMost of us think of manufacturing batteries for electronic devices and electric cars, as is the case with Tesla. However, this element is one of the big problems in electric cars and also raises controversy over its mining. Now, it seems that in United State They rub their hands b Huge deposit.

In search of the world’s largest lithium deposits

newly A study published in the journal Science Advances It takes us to the border between Nevada and Oregon, where there is an ancient volcanic crater that could harbor some… 120 million tons for the required item. The deposit is located on a slope McDermitt kettleWhich is fundamentally different from the lithium usually found in saline areas. On this occasion, pride It is he who hides the precious lithium.

In fact, in this case we will be talking about A Clay type Which contains this lithium and is called Not litewhich it has Two big advantages On other deposits: It is easier to separate lithium from the other elements and it contains a greater percentage of the metal. Of course, as you can read in the post that we leave you in these lines, this site was already born Controversy.

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Not only project Astrologer It will not run for many yearsBut when lithium is extracted it will still need… Prosecution Later, China took the lead in recent years, with 60% of operations carried out on its territory. This means that the large deposit is still not great news for the US state. Of course, Elon Musk did not locate his battery manufacturing plant in Nevada by chance, as you can imagine.

Moreover, the controversy has become clearer because Warehouse locationwhich would once again lead to the massacre of a sacred area of Indigenous community The country is still besieged on its territory. In fact, as you can see in the trailer we show you above, it seems that the struggle between lithium extraction and Indian society has only just begun. We want an imminent technological revolution, but we never stop to think about what will happen Consequences for the planet.