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Honda could have a pickup to answer the Oroch and Maverick: TR-V

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Based on Honda’s new ZR-V compact SUV, they built it Makes Which will be a small version with the name TR-V.

As a completely independent proposal of the Japanese brand, called truck digital projections Honda TR-V. Take the default model as a reference for the new general form Honda ZR-V.

Grandma was first viewed 2 weeks ago as a file Compact SUV With many elements in common with civic. Within the utility line it will be located between HR-V and CR-V. It first appeared in China, but its arrival in Europe has already been confirmed and then It should reach Latin America.

Think of all the possibilities for the designer KDesign AG He ventured to represent a version that even the manufacturer hadn’t thought of. However, due to its characteristics will have Good admission in a slice where is she Ford Maverickfor example.

Honda ZR-V . pickup truck

Honda TR-V pickup truck: what it would look like

Still as part of the imagination, the The pick-up is called Honda TR-V It manages to fit naturally with the concept of Japanese brand cars. Thinking of the new ZR-V, The Makes Show similarities At the forefront it faithfully captures the features of a compact SUV.

Of course, the most noticeable changes are presented in the back, where a charging box Which is small in size for that matter. Various accessories are added like black trim and roof rails. Same wheel design.

In the rear of it, the vast majority of SUV elements were taken to apply to the TR-V pickup truck. large lighting array prominent bumper With rectangular exhaust ports. The Honda badge Also shown in the middle of the tailgate.

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Honda ZR-V

Learn about compatibility with Civic and AD file Hybrid version E: HEV From Honda ZR-V to Europe, he said it would pick this one too Electrified powertrain. The factor he would have preferred to rival the Maverick.

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Jessica Paula Vera Garcia. Line: K A . design

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