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How does Piero Hincapi, the new booster of Bayer Leverkusen, play?  |  Ecuadoreans abroad |  Sports

How does Piero Hincapi, the new booster of Bayer Leverkusen, play? | Ecuadoreans abroad | Sports

The Ecuadorean defender signed until 2026 with the Germans and closed his signature at €8 million.

A fierce left-handed central defender, with the ability to push the ball to gain metres, with a vision to build the game from below and the ability to play in the air in both areas, is one of the biggest temptations for any team that belongs to the game’s elite. Regarding its purpose.

the Bayer Leverkusen, top-tier in Germany (Bundesliga), has already made his mark in this transfer market; And he’s about to Ecuadorean Piero HincapiThe former Argentine player, Talleres de Cordoba, trained at Ecuadorean club Independiente del Valle.

His big participation in the South American U-17 of CONMEBOL in 2020, being the captain of that group led by Javier Rodriguez, attracted the attention of many South American and European clubs, but Hincapi decided to opt for Talleres. Upon completion of the signing, Andres Fassi, head of the gaucho team, paid tribute to the defender.

Piero Hincape is the best young defender (born in 2001) in Latin America. He pointed out at that time that it has characteristics similar to those of Medina in terms of its speed and technology.

At T, he played 22 matches, six of which were in the group stage of the 2021 Copa Sudamericana.

He is a boy with personality. He is not afraid of the responsibility to take on the team and take on the role of the first striker on his team.

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And not only this. At the short age of nineteen, he plays with an astonishing calm, as if he had come a long way in first class. Because of this, one match was enough for him to win the starting position in Ecuador’s Choice by Gustavo Alfaro. Later, he played five matches in the last Copa America.


In fact, Rudy FullerThe legend of the German national team, the 1990 World Cup winner in Italy, and the current sporting director of Bayer 04, highlighted Hincapié’s designation referring to a player who “can reach a higher absolute level”.

Hincapi is a very talented player and has the ability to instantly boost our team And that at the same time You can improve further and reach an absolute higher levelThe leader’s words were in an interview with the club’s channel.


“(Piero) is an example, because we are talking about a boy who sacrifices himself very much, and who fought so much for the things he had. It is a message to all those who play football in Ecuador, that sometimes sacrifice has its reward and that wearing the national team jersey can take them to A completely different place than what they dreamed of,” Alvaro said in a conversation with the media, emphasizing the difficult times Hincapié went through to become a professional.

A central with a left profile is very rare in the elite, even more so if the player has more characteristics that enhance the football performance of the team. The confirmation would give a lot to talk about on the ancient continent. (Dr)

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