June 28, 2022

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How many coins does a Super Mario Bros block contain?

YouTube Kosmic is determining how many coins we can get from a block of Super Mario Bros thanks to a thorough investigation.

You are in the first stage of Super Mario Bros And she managed to beat the first Jumpba that eliminated more Super Marios in history. Then you find a block that you hit several times and dropped several coins… but How many coins can you get from a block Super Mario Bros?

This question was asked by sprinter Kosmic who has done an extensive investigation to find out how much the maximum number of coins can be obtained from a Super Mario block. You have the video below in English, in case you want to take a look at it, but it looks like The maximum number varies depending on the frame in which we start multiplying the block.

25 Secrets of Super Mario Bros.

A classic among the classics, Super Mario Bros., the title that catapulted Nintendo to fame, is full of secrets you’ve surely ignored, and today we tell you about its 25 secrets. The platform game, perhaps the most important in history, puts us in the shoes of an Italian-American plumber to save us… continued

How fast are more coins in Super Mario Bros blocks?

Surely you noticed, if we hit one of the blocks of coins Super Mario Bros Then we stop multiplying, we can just get another one. This is because, Over time, the number of additional coins that can be withdrawn from the block is reduced..

As Kosmic explains in the video, if we format the frame rate with the block stroke and the maximum speed that Mario can jump, The total number of coins that can be obtained from a Super Mario Bros block is 12.

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Although it looks like a simple game, Super Mario Bros It has become the most important logo for 2D gaming platforms for being the first to combine excellent gameplay and great level design, even with a short story about the old Nintendo Entertainment System.

If you want to know more about the legendary game Super Mario Bros For NES we recommend you take it Look at Episode 25 Secrets From this classic.