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How many million dollars did Chespirto and the actors make from Chavo del 8 - People - Culture

How many million dollars did Chespirto and the actors make from Chavo del 8 – People – Culture

El Chavo del 8It is one of the most popular programs on television in Latin America. More than 1300 episodes airedOriginally, for 30 years and broadcast in dozens of countries over the next 20 years, it became “the number one show on sitcom,” as it was heard on its broadcast.

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Not only that much appreciated by Roberto Gomez Bolaños “The spirit of the Spirit”The show’s maker, and other actors and actresses who participated have also made historic financial gains since 1971.

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According to ‘Celebrity Networth’, a portal that publishes information on personal net worth based on public information estimates or with direct data from celebrities or their representatives, Gomez Bolaños has benefited from the success that has surrounded his programs to build a legacy of up to 50 million dollars.

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Florinda Mesa and Chespirito did not have children as a married couple.


Abel Cardenas / The Time

The portal also estimates the earnings of two other “El Chavo” characters.

On the one hand, Florinda Meza, who gave life to “Doña Florinda” and “La Chimoltrufia”, among other characters. His assets are estimated at about $20 million. Meza has worked since 1970; She was an actress, producer, and screenwriter. Chespirito married. In recent years, having become a widow, she entered into a dispute over the rights to create a “vital group” around the life and work of her husband.

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“Celebrity Networth” The actor also reviews Carlos Villagrane, who played “Quico”, one of the most beloved characters in “El Chavo”. His assets are estimated at $10 million.

Carlos Villagrane

There is no reliable information about the other members of the cast.

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In fact, actress Maria Antonietta de las Nieves, who played “La Chilindrina”, stated in interviews that the salary was not the best at all, and even criticized the meager amount earned for each program. He revealed in his autobiography, “He was earning 100 Mexican pesos ($5) a week.” Once upon a time there was a girl in the neighborhood: this is my story.

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