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How much does Pamela Franco charge for her shows and advertisements on social media amid her scandal with Christian Cueva?

How much does Pamela Franco charge for her shows and advertisements on social media amid her scandal with Christian Cueva?

Pamela Franco and the price she charges for her offers and advertisements on social media amid her scandal | America Today

The name of the Pamela Franco She kept playing because the singer became a victim of marital infidelity on the part of her daughter's father. Christian Dominguez, Who cheated on her with two women while they were in a relationship.

However, in the midst of this scandal, another one emerged. Pamela Franco has been identified as the bone of contention in their relationship Christian Cueva and his wife Pamela Lopez. The mother of the footballer's children announced their separation on social networks, and was surprised to note that a woman from Cumbia was partly responsible.

As the days passed, Lopez obtained evidence proving that her husband was in contact with the gang Compiambra And he also deposited money. So he called sincere, But she couldn't answer what was happening.

Pamela Lopez confronts Pamela Franco when she sees her number on Christian Cueva's cell phone: “Tell me where you know it from.” (Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

In the midst of all this situation, Pamela Franco He has remained silent and will not speak about the issue until Monday, February 12, on the program “Mande qué Mande”. But even though she doesn't talk about it on TV, she continues to work with her music and with it her performances have increased.

According to information compiled by America Howie, the singer has a fee to sing in a show with a full orchestra totaling 6 thousand soles per hour However, if you decide to book 2 hours, the cost is discounted 10 thousand soles.

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As with most contracts, 50% of the total is paid before the event to the singer's own account and they send the contract for registration. Additionally, the artist records a tribute to you to promote the event.

Pamela Franco and the cost of hiring her band. (Instagram)

Other information that was announced is that Pamela Franco will be paid 5 thousand soles to entertain at special events of a brand. But your social media is also a source of income, and it comes at a cost 500 soles For one Instagram story and total 1000 soles To have a brand on your profile on the same social network.

The major international orchestra, conducted by Cristian Dominguez, has set a price of 30,000 soles to rent its performances, which can last up to four hours. “Cost is 30,000 soles, and can last up to 4 hours.”The group's official said in statements gathered by the “Amor y Fuego” program.

The price charged by major international orchestras Christian Dominguez for a concert.

Christian DominguezIn addition to being another member, he owns the orchestra. This ensures their continued presence in presentations, which is a contributing factor to the value of the presentation. During performances, the audience may witness “worm dance”one of Domínguez's most distinctive numbers, as long as it is authorized by contractors. “If you give permission to do it, it's done.”The orchestra organizer added.

After Jean-Paul's departure, for personal reasons, the composition of the major international orchestra remained unchanged, ensuring the quality and spectacle for which it was known. This stability in the composition of the group is reflected in the pricing policy, which has remained constant despite the controversies in which Dominguez was involved. “Costs remain the same, no problem, we know this is only temporary.”“, concluded the director.

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