June 20, 2024

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How to get the Safari navigation bar back on top

One of the changes that can be disrupted When Apple updated the operating system for its iPhone in iOS 15 It was Change the location of the address bar in Safaribecause it moved from the top of the browser to the bottom.

With iOS 15, the Safari browser has switched to window mode where you enter webpage URLs at the bottom

The reason for this move was to allow for more comfortable handling by not having to move your thumb or other fingers to the top of the screen. In principle, this supposedly favors handling the iPhone with one hand, especially to be able to change the navigation tab more easily and with one hand. Although this is still there Users who prefer the original site From the navigation bar at the top. Fortunately, there is not one but two ways to reverse this change.

One of these methods is available within the Safari browser itself while the other method involves accessing it through the Settings app.

Safari: It’s the easiest way. Simply go to the bar at the bottom of the screen and press the “AA” icon to the left of the bar. In case the said icon does not appear, simply scroll down the webpage.

From the menu that appears, select the “Show navigation bar on top” option. In the event that you want to go back to the previous configuration with the bar at the bottom, it is enough to follow the same steps but the option that will appear will say “Show navigation bar at the bottom”.

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iOS 15 Settings: This method is somewhat more complicated and less intuitive. It can be accessed through the iOS 15 Settings app. After accessing it, you have to scroll until you get to the Safari app, select the said option and in the menu that appears, scroll to the Tabs section.

Two options appear: ‘Tab bar’ or ‘Single tab’. You will have to select this last option so that the address bar is at the top. If you’d rather be at the bottom, it’s the Tab Bar option that you should select.