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How to make handmade beer in 8 steps: tips from one of the best breweries

How to make handmade beer in 8 steps: tips from one of the best breweries

The beer It is an alcoholic beverage Most chosen by Argentines. It is one of the oldest fermented compounds and perhaps one of the oldest Top Ratings. for this reason, Since 2007 every first Friday in August celebrate day World beer day.

Brewing your own beer can sound crazybut the truth is that if you follow Proper cleaning guidelines, temperature control, and use of good natural ingredientsYes, the result will be A High quality craft beer.

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Federico Macagno It is one of the best breweries in our country. In a tutorial, about 20 minutes long – you can get there by doing click here– education Step by step to make the best handmade beer: The Lagunitas IPAAnd the Typical of California and known for its sweet flavour.

How to make homemade beer: Lagunitas IPA . recipe

  • barley grains
  • Pale beer 5.1 kg
  • Caramels 180 gm
  • Caramel 60: 135 g
  • Munich 100g
  • Soaked in 16 liters of water, and grains washed down with 18 liters of water.
  • Citra Hops 30 g (used in Dry Hopping with the remaining 60 g of Cascade, that is, on the fifth day of fermentation added to the fermenter to add aroma to the finished beer)
  • Cascade 115 g
  • yeast s-05
  • Initial Density: 1061
  • Final Density: 1011
  • IBUS: 59

Special equipment for operation:

  • Pot No. 34 where the mash is made.
  • Bucket for pouring and recycling to finish washing grain.
  • Another container to put the water at a temperature
  • The fermentation tank is where the yeast is placed and the magic happens
  • Water Calibrated Dipping Gauge
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Step by step, how to make craft beer:

starts with drenched of cereals. So you need to fill a bowl with water: for every kilogram of grain 3 liters of water. Therefore, if we have 5 and a half kilograms of grain, then we have to put about 17 liters of water. It is worth explaining The water should not contain chlorineOtherwise, it compromises the final flavor.

for him drenched The The ideal temperature is 67 degrees. Since the beans are at room temperature, the water must be heated to about 74 degrees until the water temperature drops to 67-68 degrees.

Step by step: How to make craft beer by hand Federico Macagno.

After that, you have to do Stir the water so that no lumps form. The grain, with temperature, supplies the water with starches and all the enzymes that will later turn into sugars. The temperature should be controlled, it is recommended to check it every 20 minutes.

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As soon as the soaking is completed (about an hour and a half should pass), the following stage is performed: The Recycle and wash the grain.

There, the liquid and pills are passed into the bucket. At this stage, the liquid is recycled, that is, the fine grains pass on top and all the coarse grains will act as a filter.

then follow Wash the grain. Hot water is placed at a temperature and all the rest is extracted. Once the food is hot, Wears 21 grams of hopsWhat gives beer its bitter taste?. Add 23 grams of couscousAnd the. Leave it on for an hour around the clock and do not remove the generated foam. after 60 minutes, Add others 34 grams more than kaskade (30 minutes of boiling).

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With 15 minutes left, add a tablet (filter) that helps the solids in the liquid settle to the bottom of the pot and not pass into the fermenter.

then follows whirlpool Consisting of Vortex the liquid so that the solids that will be poured with starch remain in the center of the bowl. (Leave 20 minutes for the vortex to stop completely.)

Later we must Let the beer cool quickly.

The last step is to put yeast (05) directly into the liquid on the surface of the preparation. close well and Leave to ferment at 20 degrees for 7 to 10 days.

Step by step: How to make craft beer by hand Federico Macagno.

Before serving beer, you should Sterilize bottles to prevent bacteria. In short, what you should do to prepare your own craft beer is the following:

  1. Cereals are made grain milling;
  2. is placed in shredding where water is added.
  3. The liquid that comes out of the shredder goes to the boiling process, during which the beer is cooked and various hops are added.
  4. After boiling, do whirlpool There are molding solids and then, to process refrigerated
  5. from cooling to fermented From there yeast is added.
  6. days after the fermenter has matured (which can be in the same container or in another)
  7. after maturation beer is pouredAll solids are taken cold to a soaker bottom
  8. Once it is ready, it is packaged, add sugar It is left to gasify in the bottle for later consumption.