July 14, 2024

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“If he wins the ring he can claim to be the best in Dallas Mavericks history” |  satisfaction

“If he wins the ring he can claim to be the best in Dallas Mavericks history” | satisfaction

Luka Doncic is completing an unforgettable season, the best since arriving in the NBA. Whether in numbers or results. The Slovenian led the Dallas Mavericks to the Finals against the Boston Celtics in a series starting this morning. The former Real Madrid player is the absolute leader of the franchise More and more professionals are surrendering to their field.

The last person to do this was Jason Kidd, His current coach. The former point guard, one of the most important players in the NBA of the 21st century, has not hesitated to raise the bar for his franchise player. It is not the first time that the coach has given him words of praise, but this time He stunned in the lead-up to the opener against the Celtics.

In an interview conducted with ESPN at the foot of the court at TD Garden, the network journalist asked him several questions about the Slovenian and, in the end, put him in a dilemma by indirectly comparing two legends of the series such as Doncic himself and the German Dirk Nowitzki. If Luka wins the ring, does he have any chance of claiming to be Dallas’ greatest player ever?

Kidd did not hesitate. He replied: “Yes.”. The networks were quickly filled with comments referring to the character of the powerful German striker who came to play with Doncic in Dallas at the end of his sports career and who is a true institution within the franchise. The German was also a hero with Dallas in 2011 against the Miami Heatwhere he was also the MVP of those finals.

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Doncic completes his sixth season in the NBA and is charting his own path with the Mavericks. He was a five-time All-Star, was Rookie of the Year in his first season, was also the league’s leading scorer and made five straight starts in the league’s top five. Now, Kidd has put the controversy around him and Nowitzki on the table.