April 19, 2024

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Immortals of Aveum was one of the disasters of 2023. Now its CEO thinks they shouldn't put it on sale for €80

Immortals of Aveum was one of the disasters of 2023. Now its CEO thinks they shouldn't put it on sale for €80

Ascendant Studios has fired half its staff after the failed launch

The year 2023 left us with many hits, as was the case with The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, but the truth is that not much focus has been placed on Immortals of Aveum. Title Electronic Arts It went unnoticed by the general public and was especially noticeable in the number of concurrent players on Steam.

The work has not even reached the symbolic number of 1,000 users on the Valve platform and now Ascendant Studios CEO, Brett Robbins, has analyzed the reasons for the failure. During an interview granted to Remap the radiocollected by GameSpotThe responsible person pointed out that the launch price was not the most appropriate to attract public attention.

“Now the game is on sale and we have already seen a huge increase in sales due to the price. The price is interesting, you can say that We should have released it at a lower price“Robins notes. The Immortals of Avium It was released on consoles for €79.99, while the PC version set its price at €59.99.

On the other hand, he himself points out that the date chosen for his departure harmed them, preferring that it be put on the market in January 2024 and not on August 22, 2023. However, he reveals that the difference in financial details made this option impossible, as If the studio needs enough revenue to survive for a few months without money from game sales.

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The poor performance of the work affected the Ascendant Studios staff in practice Half of the employees lost their jobs Last September. We'll see then The Immortals of Avium It ends up landing on PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass so you can fly, a possibility Robbins hasn't ruled out at all.

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