June 12, 2024

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In Paraguay, they warn against charging anyone who helps drug traffickers in Uruguay

In Paraguay, they warn against charging anyone who helps drug traffickers in Uruguay

Al-Malik responded, when the press asked him about the current existence of the aforementioned cooperation, that this ministry had no ability to “confirm or deny” this information, but he stressed that “if he finds any cooperation, regardless of his rank, he will be imprisoned.” Charges will be brought against them,” the newspaper Ultima Hora published.

Riera explained that his forces are currently engaged in investigating, above all, the latest movements of Marcette, requested by the Asuncion authorities after the 2022 Ultranza Paraguay operation against organized crime and money laundering, about which there is speculation in the national territory.

He stressed that local agents are carrying out evaluation efforts, searching for information, and verifying evidence through intelligence work, so he will refrain from commenting on the matter “until the data is confirmed.”

The Minister of the Interior also confirmed his previous statements in which he refrained from confirming or denying Marcette’s presence in Paraguay.

The authority recalled that there was an Interpol warning against Marcet’s wife in September of last year, as his ministry coordinates its procedures with the international entity’s office in Lyon, France, and also with its other headquarters in Singapore.

Expectations regarding the alleged incursion into the Guarani country by the notorious drug trafficker rose dramatically with an exclusive interview conducted by Marcette in Paraguayan territory with the Uruguayan journalist Patricia Martin.

The video of the encounter with the drug dealer was broadcast on the program “Santo y Seña” on Channel 4 of Montevideo Television, in which the interviewee narrates

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Documentation process in 2001 when he was detained in Dubai due to a fake Paraguayan passport.

According to the media, the release of the document allowed him to escape public attention there, but it caused a political scandal in Uruguay that led to the dismissal of two ministers, two deputy ministers and an advisor to President Luis Lacalle Pou from their positions.

Other Paraguayan sources confirm that the Uruguayan drug trafficker, who disappeared after fleeing Bolivia and was alerted to an operation to arrest him, is hiding somewhere in the Guarani forest, near the border with Brazil.