June 23, 2024

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Intel is asking board manufacturers to help mitigate issues in its CPUs

Intel is asking board manufacturers to help mitigate issues in its CPUs

For a long time, Intel Corporation It has been a brand recognized all over the world for offering a series of processors in different ranges with great performance and power, although in recent years we have witnessed the company’s decline, which has been surpassed by its competitors on certain occasions. The problems you have Intel Corporation With them CPU They are not keeping up with the good practices that they may have had a long time ago, which is what led them to lead the market.

New generation processors Intel Corporation They have had a large number of problems, mostly related to the frequency at which they operate, which can cause them to overheat in various situations, causing them to work much worse than they should. This means that the same profiles configured by the motherboard manufacturers are affected, preventing their use with the majority of processors, and preventing their manufacture. Overclock In most cases.

Intel’s problems go beyond its processors

It is one of the great advantages it provides Intel Corporation During the years that they have been manufacturing processors, it is the stability that their products can offer, something that they have clearly lost in recent years, considering that one of the biggest setbacks that we have been able to see on the part of this company, is happening at the moment. The fact that the company itself is unable to solve these types of problems is very worrying, as most of these types of problems should be able to be solved by the company itself.

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This is really worrying, both for the users and for the company, because it directly affects the users due to buying a product that is not worth it due to the problems that make it work better than it could have caused anyway, and the company due to the bad reputation that having this kind of problem brings . For now, we can only wait for the brand that created this one Intel Corporation Core has been able to resolve the issues associated with its latest processor architectures, while a temporary patch must be applied by motherboard manufacturers.

Intel Core processor

The solution must be adapted by the motherboard manufacturers

To understand issues with 13th and 14th generation CPUs, Intel Corporation,We must first understand where the failure comes from, which is in their type of design, unable to support profiles pre-configured by motherboard creators. This, in short, means that these CPUs are unable to support the configuration included in the profiles «Maximum«, which sets the PL1/PL2/PL4 values ​​at 253/253/380 watts, while the Iccmax is 400 amps.

In this case, Intel Corporation He pointed out that manufacturers must set in all their motherboards that the initial configuration is never “Maximum“But it’s not even from”performance«, which offers an improvement over the basic values, but does not strain the processor as much as «Maximum“. In this case, the company indicated that from the beginning it had to offer the basic configuration, which sets the PL1/PL2/PL4 values ​​at 125/188/293W and Iccmax at 249A.

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