August 15, 2022

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It will be the longest episode and will be "totally different" from everything seen in the series

It will be the longest episode and will be “totally different” from everything seen in the series

league meager masks It will end on April 3. Then the BBC will broadcast the last episode of Season 6 Starring in the series Killian Murphy. In Spain we have to wait Until June 10 To be able to see it and hopefully we can do it without swallowing any spoilers, because his director promised it would be a historic thing.

Anthony Burnthe director of all episodes of this sixth season, chatted with him Radio Times On The end of Peaky Blinders. He obviously didn’t reveal anything in the plot section, but he did make it clear that it would last 81 minutes, thus becoming the longest episode in the series. Additionally, comment on the following:

Damn the ten o’clock news It’s very appropriate for the Peaky Blinders to do something like this to say goodbye. The news will be 10:22 for one night only.

epic ending

In addition, Byrne was not shy about raising expectations towards the farewell he had prepared for us Stephen Knight. a few weeks ago we promisedperfect endingAnd now he went even further, saying:

It’s completely different from the rest of the season. It’s completely different from anything we’ve done so far. It has an epic scope. It’s like a movie, kind of a rehearsal for a feature film.

Now we can only wait to see if the result lives up to these ambitious words. And then we have to do it again in the face The movie is already confirmedwho portrays It will start in 2023.

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