May 20, 2024

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It's a free-to-play shooter from the masters of the genre, and it's finally coming to PC.  Vigor sets a new early access date – Vigor

It's a free-to-play shooter from the masters of the genre, and it's finally coming to PC. Vigor sets a new early access date – Vigor

Bohemia Interactive's game will arrive on Steam in Early Access, and will be paid until version 1.0 is released

Although Bohemia Interactive is known for the ArmA saga, the Czechs have experimented with concepts War archers all types. From Operation Flashpoint to DayZ, the company hasn't departed from its love of guns and a barrage of bullets, however One of his games He was Out of reach for the computer. Vigor, which was released as a temporary Xbox One exclusive, will finally make its debut Release steam After five years of rotating from one platform to another.

Like many of the company's European games, Vigor was never more than a long-term project. It reached early access in 2018 for Xbox One With good reception from last generation players from Microsoft. All in all, it was done Only 700,000 players in early access And transcend million users On the same platform once him Version 1.0 After one year.

However, although the shooter has seen back-to-back releases on Nintendo Switch and current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, it has seemed wary of PC. Considering the studio's history with this platform, many have been wondering when it will arrive on Steam, and perhaps the Epic Games Store, and we finally have an answer: Vigor will be released on Next May in Early access To the Valve platform, however Premium.

Vigor returns to early access for the PC release

In this case the game will return to the “Early access Late '' only on Steam because Vigor is Completely separate version Whose name is in keyboard. This means that while the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch versions will advance to Season 19, PC players will be able to play all of Vigor's content up until Season 18. While it's true that on PC we'll start with improvements that we were only able to do on consoles Dream, it happens A difference that must be taken into account.

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Moreover, it should be noted that There will be no cross-progression Between PC and consoles, or at least there are no plans for that either You will accomplish he classic “Delete” or erasedthe follower progress Which we will have once the full version is released. There may be a series of upsets that the Czech team has prepared itself for. They state that the Steam port will not interfere with development of the game on consoles, but they have been split into two different teams with different goals.

He said that to Early access to the game You must go to the checkout and purchase the Booster Pack at a price 19.99 euros. This package will include weapons, consumables and other items that will help us get off to a good start on our adventure through the Outlands of Norway, the game's setting. Early access is expected to last approximately three months, after which the game should be released It will become Free to play Same as on keyboards.

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